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Network Time System 1.5

Network Time System allows creation of custom exact time source in corporate network environment establishing interconnected server time synchronization system for each and every machine on the enterprise network. This powerful software solution is ideal for networks of all sizes from small office local networks to large enterprise networks. All major time protocols are supported including NTP, SNTP, DAYTIME and NTS (over TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI.)

See also: network, time, server, atomic, workstation, lan, wan, vpn, client, sync, correct, ntp, sntp

Download Network Time System 1.5 (Size: 3572 KB)Buy Network Time System 1.5 (only $250.00)

SP TimeSync 2.2

SP TimeSync is a program with multilingual interface which lets you synchronize your computer's clock with any Internet atomic clock (time server). It uses a high precision network time protocol (NTP) which provides accuracy of several milliseconds depending on the characteristics of the synchronization source and network paths.

See also: synchronizer, precision, internet, sntp, atomic, server, ntp, synchronize, clock, sync, time, timesync

Download SP TimeSync 2.2 (Size: 118 KB)

Skin Clock 1.8

SkinClock is the advanced replacement for standard Windows clock having eye catching skinned interface and providing you with additional features. You are able to select between multiple skins those are differently styled and colored. It lets you showing current date and calendar only with the one mouse click, adjust and synchronize time via Internet easily. SkinClock has advanced alarm center which lets user to create and run reminders

See also: synctime, atomic time, taskbar clock, clock, tray, desktop, trayclock, sntp, atomic server, synchromize time, atomic clock, atomic time software, atomic time program

Download Skin Clock 1.8 (Size: 2230 KB)Buy Skin Clock 1.8 (only $15.00)

Time Zones Clock 2.1

Running on your PC Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of over 300 cities around the world. Simply select the cities you want to display the local time and they will be displayed on your desktop. Time Zone Clock you will always know the local time in New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo or any city you require anywhere in the world.

See also: ntp time server, time server, atomic clock, clock, time zones, rugby time server

Download Time Zones Clock 2.1 (Size: 362 KB)

Windows NTP Time Server Syslog Monitor 1.0.000

TimeTools Windows Atomic Clock NTP Server Syslog Daemon is a free utility that runs on any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 workstation or server. It allows any syslog messages from any Linux or Unix based syslog client to be logged and displayed.

See also: ntp, time, server, atomic clock, 2000, 2003

Download Windows NTP Time Server Syslog Monitor 1.0.000 (Size: 2364 KB)

Fax Server Plus 1.1.1012

Windows server/client based fax software that supports interactive Voice Response(IVR), Virtual PBX, Fax Partner, BlackList, Fax to Email, Voice Recorder, Voice to email, powerful fax editor, public contacts and Automatical Fax Routing. Generally speaking, Fax Server Plus is a fax software that enables you to send and receive faxes in a network environment by using a public phone line.

See also: Fax Software, Fax Server, IVR Software, Voice E-mail, network fax software, Fax Tool, Windows Fax software, Fax to Email, Virutal PBX, Fax BlackList

Download Fax Server Plus 1.1.1012 (Size: 15096 KB)Buy Fax Server Plus 1.1.1012 (only $199.00)

FlowHeater 2.3.1

FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes child?s play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC data sources as well as text formats (CSV, TXT, ASC, ASCII, Flat File...). Supports dBASE (dbf) databases.

See also: Import, Export, importer, exporter, CSV, TXT, DBF, ASC, ASCII, SqlServer, SQL, Server, Oracle, MySQL, Excel, XLS, XLSX, Access, OleDB, dBASE, ODBC, MDB, ACCDB, ETL Tool, Database, Textfile, flat file, flatfile, Test data, delimiter, convert, codepage

Download FlowHeater 2.3.1 (Size: 4648 KB)

EDB Repair Tool 12.03.01

The EDB repair tool provides the centralized Exchange access and management capabilities while offering backup restoration facility without requiring brick level backup system. It also acts as Exchange disaster recovery mechanism to repair EDB file and recover the data. Using this EDB repair tool, it is possible to restore only selected or required items of mailbox from available backup.

See also: edb repair, edb file repair, edb file recovery, repair edb file, edb to pst, exchange recovery, exchange server recovery

Download EDB Repair Tool 12.03.01 (Size: 15974 KB)Buy EDB Repair Tool 12.03.01 (only $349.00)

EDB PST 11.05.01

EDB PST converter tool is available as a free trial version so that the users can satisfactorily judge the capability and scope of the software. But the limitation with it is that it does not allow saving the recovered EDB files. To do so, the user would need to purchase the software?s licensed version.

See also: edb pst, edb pst conversion, edb pst converter, convert edb pst, exchange server database recovery, edb repair, edb recovery, edb to pst

Download EDB PST 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy EDB PST 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Exchange 2007 Server Recovery 11.05.01

The Exchange 2007 recovery tool is compatible with many versions of Exchange server, Outlook and windows such as MS Exchange Server 5.0/ 5.5/2000/2003/2007/2010, MS Outlook 97/98/2000/2003/2007/2010 and Windows 2000/2002/2003/XP/Vista/7. The tool can be used with any of these versions to provide Exchange 2007 server recovery.

See also: exchange 2007 server recovery, exchange 2007 recovery application, exchange 2007 recovery tool, exchange 2007 recovery, exchange recovery software, edb repair tool, edb recovery software

Download Exchange 2007 Server Recovery 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy Exchange 2007 Server Recovery 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Project Server MDF Repair 12.07.01

There are several situations when it gets hard to access mdf file, but as a user you don?t have to worry! This is because, just by using a third party application like Kernel for Project Server Recovery tool you can effectively overcome the mdf file corruption or damage instantly. This utility is so easy to operate that even a novice user can access it without facing any unnecessary obstacles.

See also: project server mdf repair, project server mdf recovery, project server recovery software, project server mdf database recovery, project server recovery, project server repair tool

Download Project Server MDF Repair 12.07.01 (Size: 4044 KB)Buy Project Server MDF Repair 12.07.01 (only $299.00)

Backupawy 2.00

Automate your web sites and servers backup to local computers. Never loose your websites or servers again. Backupawy is a Windows program that run in the background and automatically backup your web sites, servers, or LAN computers to your local PCs.

See also: website backup, backup, server backup, site backup, we site backup

Download Backupawy 2.00 (Size: 17921 KB)Buy Backupawy 2.00 (only $19.00)

SQL Server Database Repair 11.07.01

SQL server database repair software is available with a free to download evaluation version. It is provided so that the user can take a feel of the software?s environment. The only difference between free demo and full version is that free version does not let the user to save the recovered files.

See also: sql server database repair, sql database recovery, repair corrupt sql database, recover sql database, recover sql server, ms sql recovery, repair mdf database

Download SQL Server Database Repair 11.07.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy SQL Server Database Repair 11.07.01 (only $299.00)

XTRABANNER 1.0.1209.0300

Every day, tens, hundreds or even thousands of email messages are being sent from your organization by regular users, just like you and I. These email messages are being read by other employees, your clients and maybe even some of your suppliers and service providers. Using U-BTech?s XTRABANNER e-mail enrichment platform, you can enhance this day to day correspondence with graphical banners and commercialized texts.

See also: Exchange, Exchange 2010, exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, exchange 2007, exchange server, Banners, banners, Advertisements, advertisments, enrichment, email enrichment

Download XTRABANNER 1.0.1209.0300 (Size: 24414 KB)Buy XTRABANNER 1.0.1209.0300 (only $999.00)

MDF File 11.07.01

Facing issues like MDF file corruption are getting very common these days. In case, you too are facing such problems, then don?t get tensed. You have option like Kernel for SQL database recovery software that can help you recover data from the corrupt Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008. In fact, the software is very effective in dealing with all sorts of MDF damage issues. The utility is very much capable of resolving every single error.

See also: mdf file, mdf recovery, mdf repair, repair mdf, repair mdf file, mdf file recovery, sql recovery, sql mdf recovery, sql database repair, sql database recovery, sql server recovery, sql server repair

Download MDF File 11.07.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy MDF File 11.07.01 (only $299.00)

SQL 2000 Restore 5.3

Fix all types error of SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 using SQL 2000 restore software which is easy to use. SQL server 2005 recovery program get back complete SQL server objects like: table, views and triggers etc. SQL Recovery Software smoothly runs on all windows version.

See also: sql 2000 restore, sql2000 database recovery, sql server 2005 recovery, sql server table recovery, recover mdf file sql 2000

Download SQL 2000 Restore 5.3 (Size: 2508 KB)Buy SQL 2000 Restore 5.3 (only $129.00)

Exchange Server Reporter 12.12.01

Exchange Reporter software provides more than 50 built-in reports in two formats ? graphical as well as tabular format. The Exchange Reporter tool allows viewing complete email flow reports based on various criterion like users, Email Subject, Receivers, Senders, Date and Size. The Exchange Reporter utility allows scheduling reports for automatic generation at specified time. Exchange Reporter software filter reports upto the granular level.

See also: exchange reporter, exchange server reporter, exchange mailbox folder reports, exchange reporting solution, ensure corporate email compliance

Download Exchange Server Reporter 12.12.01 (Size: 18022 KB)Buy Exchange Server Reporter 12.12.01 (only $499.00)

Conversion EDB to PST File 11.05.01

Kernel for Exchange Server recovery retrieves user mailboxes from the corrupt or inaccessible EDB databases. It saves recovered mailbox items in the new PST or EDB file. It provides three options of mailbox recovery i.e., Automatic Analyze and Recover, Advance Scan and Rebuild Corrupted Database. Tool for conversion EDB to PST file successfully resolves Exchange Server disaster situations.

See also: conversion edb to pst file, conversion edb to pst, edb to pst file, edb to pst, exchange server database recovery, edb repair, edb recovery

Download Conversion EDB to PST File 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy Conversion EDB to PST File 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Restore Corrupt SQL File 5.3

Our company has recently updated SQL Recovery Software version5.3 which has added some new features. The tool can now scan large MDF files in quick time and can also handle more corruption issues. Software successfully repairs and restore large SQL Server database. SQL recovery is entire solution for SQL Server database which can easily repair and restore corrupt SQL database with any complications.

See also: restore corrupt sql file, restore corrupt sql database, restore sql database, restore sql server database

Download Restore Corrupt SQL File 5.3 (Size: 2508 KB)Buy Restore Corrupt SQL File 5.3 (only $129.00)

Repair Exchange BKF 2.0

With the help of Exchange BKF Repair Software repair exchange BKF files, Exchange BKF Repair Software is an easy solution for repairing exchange BKF files such as STM, LOG and EDB files. Repair Exchange BKF Software is executable with all exchange versions.

See also: repair exchange bkf, repair exchange bkf file, exchange bkf repair software, repair exchange 2003 bkf file, repair exchange 2007 bkf file, repair exchange server bkf file, repair damage exchange server 2003 bkf, repair damage exchange server 2007 bkf

Download Repair Exchange BKF 2.0 (Size: 1024 KB)Buy Repair Exchange BKF 2.0 (only $189.00)

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