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FinalBuilder 4

FinalBuilder is a powerful Automated Build & Release Management tool which makes it easy for software developers to define and maintain a reliable and repeatable build process. FinalBuilder includes integration with version control systems, file and directory operations, iterators, source code compilers, testing tools, database systems, installation tools, as well as actions for deployment over the Internet and CD/DVD burning built in.

See also: script, finalbuilder, build, automated, visual

Download FinalBuilder 4 (Size: 23307 KB)Buy FinalBuilder 4 (only $379.00)

Deployment Studio Express 1.1.2

Designed by software developers for software developers, Deployment Studio Express has a vast array of integrated features to help companies reduce the amount of time spent on managing software deployments. Features include: Remote File and Directory Auditing, Remote Command Line Utility, Integrated TCP File Transfer, Persistent File Auditing and Deployment Configuration Profiles.

See also: automated software deployment, software distribution, automated software build

Download Deployment Studio Express 1.1.2 (Size: 2255 KB)Buy Deployment Studio Express 1.1.2 (only $49.95)


Continuous integration solution. easyCIS brings an easy solution to process of integration, build and management. It is designed as an intuitive and easy to use system, yet not limited in the scope of its features. Setting up and maintaining the build processes is usually very time consuming. eacyCIS greatly helps companies in costs reduction and faster and more reliable software distribution. Build automation has never been so easy.

See also: easycis, build automation, continuous integration, integration system, easy, automated

Download easyCIS (Size: 2195 KB)Buy easyCIS (only $499.00)

~1 ABCWebWizard 2.0

ABCWebWizard Web software is easy-to-use web design software that lets anyone create professional-looking web pages in minutes. With ABCWebWizard's easy to use WYSIWYG layout and dazzling effects, building a web site is easy and fun.And ABCWebWizard's fully-integrated site hosting makes publishing a snap. You can create a business web site or personal web pages. ABCWebWizard is the web design software of choice.

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Download ~1 ABCWebWizard 2.0 (Size: 5673 KB)

Visual Build Professional 6.0a

Visual Build Pro is a tool that enables developers, software process engineers, and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005, Visual Studio Team System, Visual Basic, Visual C++, SourceSafe, eMbedded Tools, Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, ClearCase and more.

See also: automate, control, project, process, build master, build management software, build process, VSMake, Visual Build Pro, Visual Build, deploy, automation, software build automation, development, continuous, integration

Download Visual Build Professional 6.0a (Size: 6708 KB)Buy Visual Build Professional 6.0a (only $295.00)

FollowUpXpert Standard 3.3

Simple autoresponder software. No banners and no monthly fees. Use it to create both simple "I'm out of office" kind of autoresponders to ones sending series of emails to your prospects at predefined times. Can also send newsletters and bulk mail. Supports mail merge ("Dear John" instead of "Dear Customer"), HTML messages, email forwarding and more..

See also: automated email, sequential autoresponders, autoresponder, autoresponders, e-mail, responder, automatic responder, sequential autoresponder, automatic email responder, pop3

Download FollowUpXpert Standard 3.3 (Size: 4085 KB)Buy FollowUpXpert Standard 3.3 (only $59.00)

Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition 7.1

With SiteXpert you can create a professional navigation scheme (e.g. DHTML drop down menu, site map tree, portal interface, site index) within a few minutes. No JavaScript knowledge is required. All you need to do is pick a base URL and let the program crawl through your website. SiteXpert can build 10 different navigation system types and comes with hundreds of graphical schemes.Menus and site maps can be easily inserted into existing web pages.

See also: html, dynamic, indexer, mapping, mapper, build, create, generate, builder, creator, generator, navigation, website, index, tree, map, site, sitemap, down, drop, script, java, javascript, menu, dhtml

Download Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition 7.1 (Size: 5514 KB)Buy Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition 7.1 (only $69.00)

Advanced Batch Print Helper V2.0

Print Helper is the ideal solution for batch printing Excel, PDF, Word image and other files. Unique features: Automatic step by step resizing system which enables the document fitted to a page; choice of page order you would like printed; Print Helper provides you with automatic resizing as well as rotation of images; detailed report printed, with your choice, after each file, folder and a final report at the end, FT client.

See also: batch print PDF, batch print DOC, batch printing, batch print, FTP print, excel resizing, auto print, FTP printing, batch TIF, batch TIFF, batch XLS, batch JPG, batch PDF, excel printing, automated print, batch print XLS, free print software, free printing software

Download Advanced Batch Print Helper V2.0 (Size: 2877 KB)Buy Advanced Batch Print Helper V2.0 (only $149.99)

TIMER(pulses in seconds) 4.0.0

Timing software for home automation, to control irrigation, hydroponics, lights etc. This is a program that enables the PC to connect to the outside world, by using the printer port LPT1. Hardware can then be connected to the computer to control hydroponics, security, lights, gardening and home automation using solenoids, relays and sensors. A click of the mouse and your sprinklers can be watering, turn a light on, the options are endless.

See also: timing, hydroponics, irrigation, automation, timer, solenoids, lights, relays, agriculture, automated

Download TIMER(pulses in seconds) 4.0.0 (Size: 116 KB)Buy TIMER(pulses in seconds) 4.0.0 (only $120.00)

AutoRun Creator 1.5

Autorun Creator offers the fast and efficient way to build autorun programs. You can build your own CD/DVD autorun programs within few minutes. All you have to do are Three STEPs: Scan Directory Build and Save Burn CD/DVD

See also: autorun, autorun build, autorun create, CD autorun, DVD autorun

Download AutoRun Creator 1.5 (Size: 1256 KB)Buy AutoRun Creator 1.5 (only $14.95)

PDNdata website manager 2.03

PDNdata website manager helps users to create and update small and medium websites very comfortable and efficient. Integrated wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) editor lets website pages edit as a word document, including pictures, links, tables, fonts etc, no html knowledge required. Preview and store mode lets maintain a website securely. Pictures can be uploaded by online form, no FTP software required. Email software is integrated.

See also: free, download, website, manager, website manager, CMS, content, management, wysiwyg, editor, data, template, website, PDNdata, automated, web, publishing, linux, design, corporate, efficient, host, installation

Download PDNdata website manager 2.03 (Size: 2929 KB)Buy PDNdata website manager 2.03 (only $39.00)

Electric Powered Cars 1.0

Get everything you need to make an electric car. The "Electric Powered Cars" program is a free piece of software with reviews of the main guides online teaching you how to make an electric car, as well as free instructions for converting your car.

See also: electric car conversion, electric car conversion kit, build your own electric car, how to build an electric car, build electric car, build an electric car

Download Electric Powered Cars 1.0 (Size: 673 KB)

Automatic Music Organizer Pro 6.83

Automatic Music Organizer - is the easiest way to Organize Music Automatically. This user-friendly music organizer tool can organize music everywhere. Being Mp3 music organizer and music organizer, auto music organizer tool and automated music organizer, program can organize music using many ways. Organize music by artist, by album, by title - all is possible with automatic music organizer. Organize Music - Download automatic music organizer.

See also: automatic music organizer, music organizer, automated music organizer, auto music organizer, music organizer software, mp3 music organizer, automatic music organizing, music, organizer, mp3, audio, song, automated music organizing

Download Automatic Music Organizer Pro 6.83 (Size: 12637 KB)Buy Automatic Music Organizer Pro 6.83 (only $39.95)

Ideal Organizer Pro 3.32

Automatic MP3 Music Organizer software - download award-winning music organizer utility, PC music organizer and high-end music organizer. Run music organizer software to organize MP3 songs in audio collections. Download MP3 music organizer, the best music organizer tool and the music organizer.

See also: music organizer, get music organizer, organize music mp3s, automated music organizer, music organizer application, ideal organizer

Download Ideal Organizer Pro 3.32 (Size: 8065 KB)Buy Ideal Organizer Pro 3.32 (only $39.95)

Music Organizer Software Reviews Tool 4.86

Music Organizer Software Reviews Tool software - download the award-winning music organizer software reviews tool, good music organizer and high-end automated music organizer. music organizer to automatically organize all MP3 in MP3 sound folders. Just download this MP3 music organizer, top rated music organizer application, just the high-end music organizer software.

See also: music organizer, download music organizer, organize music tracks, automated music organizer, music organizer solution, music organizer software reviews tool

Download Music Organizer Software Reviews Tool 4.86 (Size: 21858 KB)Buy Music Organizer Software Reviews Tool 4.86 (only $39.95)

Music Collection Organizer Pro 4.70

Music Collection Organizer Pro system - download the award-winning music collection organizer, music collection organizer for the music organizing and high-end automated music collection organizer. Download music organizer to automatically organize music in MP3 sound directories. Download music organizer, top MP3 music collection organizer tool high-end music organizer application.

See also: music collection organizer, the best music collection organizer, get music collection organizer, organize music records, automated music organizer, music collection organizer solution, music collection organizer pro

Download Music Collection Organizer Pro 4.70 (Size: 7512 KB)Buy Music Collection Organizer Pro 4.70 (only $39.95)

Twitter Time Bomb 1.0

Twitter Time Bomb is an invaluable tool for automating scheduled posts to your twitter account. This desktop based software completely integrates with your twitter account and gives you full twitter functionality without the need for accessing your account through the twitter website.

See also: twitter posting software, ninja kitchen system, schedule twitter posts, ninja kitchen system reviews, twitter software, automated twitter posting

Download Twitter Time Bomb 1.0 (Size: 1338 KB)

Download Extended Good Music Organizer 7.76

Automatic Music Organizer utility - get PC best award-winning good music organizer, PC Windows music organizer and automatic good music organizer utility. Run good music organizer to organize MP3 songs in MP3 audio folders. Just download good music organizer, top good music organizer tool and MP3 high-end good music organizer software.

See also: good music organizer, get good music organizer, organize music, automated good music organizer, good music organizer solution, download extended good music organizer

Download Download Extended Good Music Organizer 7.76 (Size: 15361 KB)Buy Download Extended Good Music Organizer 7.76 (only $39.95)

Duplicate File Finder Program 3.18

Duplicate File Finder - the best utility to find duplicate files. Cutting edge duplicate file finder, high speed duplicate file finder tool and user friendly duplicate file finder software was created to find and sort file duplicates on your PC. Find files using the awesome duplicate file finder! Use duplicate file finder for file finding purposes! Download user friendly duplicate file finder now!

See also: duplicate file finder, high speed duplicate file finder, duplicate, file, finder, automated duplicate file finder, duplicate file finder tool, duplicate file finder utility, duplicate file finder for windows, best duplicate file finder

Download Duplicate File Finder Program 3.18 (Size: 16683 KB)Buy Duplicate File Finder Program 3.18 (only $39.95)

Classical Music Organizer Program 5.78

Automatic Music Organizer software - the PC music organizer tool, good music organizer and high-end music organizer utility. Download the best music organizer applicatrion, user-friendly amazing MP3 music organizer program and PC music organizer to sort all your MP3 music on Windows computer. Download music organizer, top music organizer tool and music organizer application.

See also: music organizer, the best music organizer, download music organizer, organize music files, automated music organizer, music organizer application, classical music organizer program

Download Classical Music Organizer Program 5.78 (Size: 13539 KB)Buy Classical Music Organizer Program 5.78 (only $39.95)

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