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AutoMail 3.2

This powerful command-line email client is designed to automate scheduled file sending in your company. With the built-in ZIP archiver, encryption support and log file support it will process all your daily email jobs.

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Download AutoMail 3.2 (Size: 271 KB)Buy AutoMail 3.2 (only $50.00)

Smart Extranet 2.61

Smart Exranet is going to facilitate your life! It allows you to share documents with your stakeholders, in a secure zone, 24/7, all over the world. All types of files, and sizes are accepted. You can customize each work zone depending on the users. It facilitates team work, as you can work from all over the world, with all the important documents in hand by simply having your computer with you. It is ideal for a project management ongoing!

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Download Smart Extranet 2.61 (Size: 0 KB)

Selkie Email Rescue 3.5.0

Emails trapped in an old or crashed computer? Need to get back important emails right away? Get the best email recovery software out there for less than $50. Selkie Email Rescue is a do-it-yourself, fast and easy recovery system for PC or laptop. Simple, secure, powerful recovery software for email files. Selkie Email Rescue will save you from the stresses of losing important information in your emails.

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Download Selkie Email Rescue 3.5.0 (Size: 18580 KB)Buy Selkie Email Rescue 3.5.0 (only $59.99)

BlueInfo lite 1.0

This software enables to schedule and send automated text, image files and .vcs calendar files in form of SMS to bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones and PDA?s. A centralized, server based repository accessible via SSH can be used to share the messages among blueinfo gateways. The devices have to be paired before the messages can be send. BlueInfo lite does not provide PIN authentication mechanism for devices, this is done via Windows

See also: bluetooth sms, proximity marketing, mobile phone, communication, messaging, sending, .vcf images files, text messages, distributed access

Download BlueInfo lite 1.0 (Size: 1544 KB)Buy BlueInfo lite 1.0 (only $21.00)

Batch RegEx 5.0

Replace, format, and extract text in multiple files using Regular Expressions. Perform GREP-like tasks, use RegEx substitutions, extract data! Built-in RegEx editors support color syntax highlighting and contextual tooltips making it easy to design patterns. Specialized RegEx tools like html/xml tag selector, line selector, or number selector help you make RegEx patterns faster. Integrated RegEx Builder helps with testing your RegEx patterns.

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Download Batch RegEx 5.0 (Size: 5393 KB)Buy Batch RegEx 5.0 (only $39.00)

Undelete Freeware Software

Visit site for downloading songs retrieval application that recovers corrupted video clips from hard drive storage media. Undelete Freeware Software provides facility to regain accidently formatted presentation slides and photos from hard disk.

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Download Undelete Freeware Software (Size: 2293 KB)Buy Undelete Freeware Software (only $69.00)

Configure PST Files in Outlook 2013 3.0

Add multiple PST files into outlook with the help of this third party utility which can easily configure PST files in outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and other windows based outlook versions. This utility is a bonus for all the outlook users as it will configure PST files in outlook without increasing the size of the Outlook default PST folder and the user can also take the access of data from different network and locations in a single Outlook profile.

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Download Configure PST Files in Outlook 2013 3.0 (Size: 759 KB)Buy Configure PST Files in Outlook 2013 3.0 (only $29.00)

Recover Deleted Files from Partitions 4.0.032

partition recovery software is a best tool to recover your deleted files from partitions. The software is compatible with all Windows OS like XP, vista, 7, 8etc this application recovers deleted videos, audios and images within few minutes. Recover deleted files from partitions software rescue deleted files from empty recycle bin third party interaction deleted files, third party interaction and accidently deleted files.

See also: recover deleted files from partitions, deleted file recovery tool, partition recovery software, retrieve deleted files from partition, restore deleted files from partition

Download Recover Deleted Files from Partitions 4.0.032 (Size: 14848 KB)Buy Recover Deleted Files from Partitions 4.0.032 (only $39.00)

Flash Drive Lost File Recovery Tool

Flash Drive Lost File Recovery Tool will retrieve all deleted data which missed accidently on flash drive and can sustain various version of Windows operating systems. Flash Drive Lost File Recovery Tool scans your computer and list all missed files or folders in less time. The audios, photos or videos might be missed/ deleted by emptying the Recycle bin or using other deletion activities like shift+delete keys pressed.

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Download Flash Drive Lost File Recovery Tool (Size: 14848 KB)Buy Flash Drive Lost File Recovery Tool (only $49.00)

Convert OE DBX to PST 5.6

When it comes to converting OE DBX to PST, there is no better option than DBX to PST Converter that supports users to convert OE DBX to PST with full efficiency. The program lets users convert OE DBX to PST as batch conversion process.

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Download Convert OE DBX to PST 5.6 (Size: 2455 KB)Buy Convert OE DBX to PST 5.6 (only $69.00)

Best Repair OST to PST Tool 3.7

Best Repair OST to PST Tool to get back all the inaccessible data in accessible PST format. Convert OST file to PST is the procedure followed in OST repair tool. Repair data from the hazardous situations like MS Exchange Server crash, Trojan attack or other regions etc.

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Download Best Repair OST to PST Tool 3.7 (Size: 4413 KB)Buy Best Repair OST to PST Tool 3.7 (only $99.00)

Tool to Deleted Photo Recovery Windows

Tool to Deleted Photo Recovery Windows it is used to retrieve deleted pictures from Windows 7, 8, XP and vista. It restores files from formatted drives. This tool can restores more than 300 types of file. This recovery tool retrieves photo files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT 16, FAT 32 and Ex FAT partition. This photo recovery tool restores files from external hard drive, hard drives, memory card, pen drives, USB flash drive and iPods etc.

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Download Tool to Deleted Photo Recovery Windows (Size: 14848 KB)Buy Tool to Deleted Photo Recovery Windows (only $49.00)

Best Way to Convert Exchange EDB To PST 3.0.0

Exchange EDB to PST software by Quick Recovery is extremely advantageous software to recover and repair the EDB files that becomes corrupt or damaged due to virus attacks, mailbox deletion, power failure, CRC errors, edb log file deletion etc. The acclaimed software also allows users to have a preview of the recovered mailboxes before finally saving it. Avail the freeware of EDB to PST converter, prior investing into it.

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Download Best Way to Convert Exchange EDB To PST 3.0.0 (Size: 2252 KB)Buy Best Way to Convert Exchange EDB To PST 3.0.0 (only $249.00)

Import EML Files to Outlook 2010 4.0.2

It might not be easy to Import EML Files to Outlook 2010, but it is not impossible also. It takes only minutes to Import EML Files in Outlook 2010 with EML to PST Converter software. Having a easy user interface is one of its plus point. SO if your mission is to Import EML Files to Outlook 2010 than EML to PST utility is the program for you and it is not very expensive also.

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Download Import EML Files to Outlook 2010 4.0.2 (Size: 1805 KB)Buy Import EML Files to Outlook 2010 4.0.2 (only $49.00)

Recover Lost Videos And Video Files Recover Video 7.19

Recover lost Video, Recover lost Video Documents - with the Video Healing software. Video recovery program should: recover lost video from camcorder, recover video from Memory cards and. How is able to I recover lost video away from broken camcorder?

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Download Recover Lost Videos And Video Files Recover Video 7.19 (Size: 6751 KB)Buy Recover Lost Videos And Video Files Recover Video 7.19 (only $79.95)

How to Restore BKF Files XP to Windows 7 5.4.1

Usually unable to catalog BKF file - catalog folder under the NTBackup restore XP BKF file when we use NTBackup.exe utility to create backup files. If you have any query like "how to restore BKF files XP to Windows 7" quickly solve without using any efforts. BKF recovery software is one of the admirable windows repair BKF file tool that can rapidly recover BKF data from corrupted BKF file.

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Download How to Restore BKF Files XP to Windows 7 5.4.1 (Size: 2560 KB)Buy How to Restore BKF Files XP to Windows 7 5.4.1 (only $89.00)

FH Video Decompiler

Video Decompiler is one of the greatest tools ever used for capturing snapshots from your video files.We support three tools for capturing snapshots: 1. Single snapshot: Captures a single snapshot from the video. 2. Continuous snapshots: Allows you to capture a portion of the video as a sequence of images. 3. Timed snapshots: Allows you to capture snapshots every certain amount of milliseconds.

See also: Video, Decompiler, capturing, snapshots, files, single, sequence, milliseconds, Single snapshot, Continuous snapshots, Timed snapshots, rewind, play, pause, stop, fast forward, movie

Download FH Video Decompiler (Size: 3789 KB)

Read OST 4.0

Read OST file while your OST file has corrupted due to the faults like Exchange Server breakdown, power failure, CRC errors, storage device failure, virus attacks, Trojan infections and so on. Read OST software is the best solution for recovering OST file to read OST file without any difficulty and also not only Read OST files but also user can convert OST to PST files.

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Download Read OST 4.0 (Size: 15011 KB)Buy Read OST 4.0 (only $99.00)

Repair Damaged Outlook Software

Repair Damaged Outlook Software is a genuine tool to repair damaged or corrupted Outlook on Windows computers and recover lost or deleted emails and also capable of restoring outlook attributes like Contacts, Inbox, Sent Items, Tasks, Calendar items, Notes, Journals etc. Repair Damaged Outlook Software also supports repair and recover corrupted or damaged PST files. This is advanced repair tool compared to inbox repair tool (i.e. scanpst).

See also: repair damaged outlook, repair damaged outlook software, fix damaged outlook files, repair damaged outlook pst, fix damaged outlook pst file, how to repair damaged outlook

Download Repair Damaged Outlook Software (Size: 20330 KB)Buy Repair Damaged Outlook Software (only $149.00)

Tool to Recover APK Files

Tool to Recover APK Files is used retrieve lost files from android OS mobiles; it restores files from external and internal mobile/phone memories. It recovers files, folders, audio and video files and along with android application package files. Android file recovery utility can retrieve deleted or lost data from SD card. This tool can scan total SD card at a time and retrieve all data files without missing single file.

See also: tool to recover apk files, recover apk, apk recovery, restore apk files, retrieve apk files

Download Tool to Recover APK Files (Size: 14345 KB)Buy Tool to Recover APK Files (only $29.00)

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