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Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.0

Access2MySQL Pro is an effective converter which performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access conversions. Features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode, Built-in scheduler, Renaming of tables, fields, indexes before conversion. There is an ability to save data to PHP script or to a dump file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to MySQL database if any.

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Download Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.0 (Size: 7233 KB)Buy Access2MySQL PRO 5.1.0 (only $55.00)

Clip'n Collect 1.62c

ClipCollect is a Clipboard Tool. It can 1) Collect, edit and autoformat text notes 2) Build a website. Grow a personal note database with collecting and editing plain text notes and export it or any other file structure by converting it to HTML. Gathering data with ClipCollect means creating a website automatically. ClipCollect will even convert any directory structure of your hard drive to HTML and build a complete website out of it.

See also: create, build, plain text, format, formatting, freeware, help manual, catalogue, image gallery, eBook, formatter, converter, creator, generator, builder, HTML, homepage, website, editor, database, note, clipboard, PIM, convert

Download Clip'n Collect 1.62c (Size: 1112 KB)

AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.1.0

AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) is an effective application which allows you to convert mdb (Microsoft Access forms) to WEB page. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements' position, color pallet and fields type are saved. Unicode support, Primary keys and indexes conversion available.

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Download AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.1.0 (Size: 5356 KB)Buy AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.1.0 (only $99.00)

DBF to XLS (Excel) 1.50

DBF to XLS (Excel) allows you to convert your dbf files to XLS format. XLS is a wide-used format, many programs allow saving information in XLS format. It is very convenient and MS Excel provides many possibilities for information management. But MS Excel does not understand some types of dbf files, it does not understand memo fields, it does not understand long character fields.

See also: cdbf, dbf, csv, convert, export, fast, small, win32, linux, unix, cgi, database, php, perl, dbase, xbase

Download DBF to XLS (Excel) 1.50 (Size: 496 KB)Buy DBF to XLS (Excel) 1.50 (only $24.95)

MySQL Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0

Change case for values in MySQL tables. Change to upper case, lower case, title case (proper case), and setence case. The data found in each field of a table can be quickly converted.

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Download MySQL Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0 (Size: 2602 KB)Buy MySQL Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

MYSQL to MS Access Database Conversion Software 5.0.1

MySQL to MS Access database converter software convert My SQL database record to MS Access database or overwrites converted data into already existing MS Access database. MySQL to MS Access Database Conversion Software easily runs successfully on Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and VISTA operating system. Database conversion software supports all necessary data types with attributes and all major versions of My SQL and MS Access database.

See also: MySQL database, converter application, MS Access database, MySQL converter utility, mysql server records, convert entire data base, Microsoft Access, Database translator application, individual table, group of tables, tables rows, tables, rows

Download MYSQL to MS Access Database Conversion Software 5.0.1 (Size: 1211 KB)Buy MYSQL to MS Access Database Conversion Software 5.0.1 (only $45.00)

MS Access to MySQL Conversion Utility

Relational database converter software converts complete or selected MS Access database records into MySQL server. Distributed database conversion program facilitates users to overwrite the converted MS Access DB records with MySQL server format without affecting the accuracy and also has the ability to saved converted database at user specified location. Unicode architecture supported migration tool maintains the database integrity.

See also: MDB, files, converter, migrate, MS Access, format, MySQL, server, database, synchronization, merge, overwrite, tables, rows, columns, null, default, values, supports, mixed, mode, records, convert, migration

Download MS Access to MySQL Conversion Utility (Size: 1413 KB)Buy MS Access to MySQL Conversion Utility (only $45.00)

Import Notes Contacts to Excel File 5.5

Instantly Import Notes Contacts to Excel File with Migrate Notes Contacts to Excel Conversion software. No need to frustrate about conversion process between Notes Contacts to Excel because this utility easily run on your system without any technical help and reach entire location of Lotus Notes Contact Database and rapidly Move Lotus Notes Contacts to Excel (.XLS) format.

See also: import notes contacts to excel file, import lotus notes database to excel, migrate notes contacts to excel, move lotus notes contacts to excel, how to convert lotus notes contacts to excel

Download Import Notes Contacts to Excel File 5.5 (Size: 826 KB)Buy Import Notes Contacts to Excel File 5.5 (only $48.00)

Convert Mysql to Mssql

Company suggests you to download Convert Mysql to Mssql software from website which easily converts your database records of MySQL server to MSSQL server in simplest manner and fully capable to transform larger database or selected particular tables records easily and efficiently.

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Download Convert Mysql to Mssql (Size: 2252 KB)Buy Convert Mysql to Mssql (only $29.00)

Lotus Notes Email Access in Outlook PST 9.3

Lotus Notes emails access in Outlook process has take long time & provide you effective result of convert Lotus to Outlook files. Grab all emails of Lotus Notes into Outlook application with Lotus Notes email conversion tool. Lotus Notes Email Access in Outlook is instantaneous process with Export Notes. Go through the seamless Lotus Notes Email Conversion with Export Notes.

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Download Lotus Notes Email Access in Outlook PST 9.3 (Size: 4505 KB)Buy Lotus Notes Email Access in Outlook PST 9.3 (only $250.00)

Exchange 2003 Convert EDB to PST 4.1

EDB to PST converter tool provide two choices for Exchange user first one is corrupted EDB file convert into PST or second recover into healthy EDB. It smoothly opera table with all available editions of Windows, Exchange and Outlook and that simply convert highly corrupted user Exchange mailboxes 2010 database to well PST manner.

See also: exchange 2003 convert edb to pst, exchange 2010 move database, exchange convert mailbox to pst, convert mailbox to exchange 2010, migrate exchange server 2003 to 2010

Download Exchange 2003 Convert EDB to PST 4.1 (Size: 5686 KB)Buy Exchange 2003 Convert EDB to PST 4.1 (only $299.00)

Migrate Mysql To MSsql Server

MySQL to MSSQL database conversion application is fast and accurate utility that migrates database tables as well as its properties such as primary, foreign key constraints, default, null values and cluster or non-cluster indexes. Shareware database transformation tool supports Unicode architecture and maintains database integrity. Database migrator with attractive wizard interface translate entire or selected DB records from MySQL to MSSQL.

See also: MySQL, MSSQL, database, migrator, converter, transformation, convert, migrate, transform, application, table, structure, attributes, row, columns, indexes, default, values, primary, foreign, keys, constraints

Download Migrate Mysql To MSsql Server (Size: 2232 KB)Buy Migrate Mysql To MSsql Server (only $45.00)

MYSQL Server to MS Access Database Converter Software 5.0.1

MySQL to MS Access Database Converter convert database accurately and supports all major database data types? attributes. My SQL to Access Database Converter software support all major version of MySQL and MS Access database. Home users, security administrator, technical administrators and computer professionals, are easily convert database files. Database Conversion Software easily runs on all windows operating system such as windows 98/XP.

See also: MySQL Converter, Microsoft Access database records, transfers, single, multiple, MySQL transformation tool, freeware conversion software, necessary data types, attributes, Migration software, convert, Microsoft access database, record, selected table

Download MYSQL Server to MS Access Database Converter Software 5.0.1 (Size: 478 KB)Buy MYSQL Server to MS Access Database Converter Software 5.0.1 (only $45.00)

Recover Corrupted Exchange 2010 Database 4.1

Exchange EDB to PST Conversion require when EDB database files become unreachable and Exchange Server takes place. Exchange Database repair easiest task for every person because it has intended by GUI application that made utility simple to operate and understandable working.

See also: recover corrupted exchange 2010 database, repair, convert, mailbox, edb to pst

Download Recover Corrupted Exchange 2010 Database 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Recover Corrupted Exchange 2010 Database 4.1 (only $299.00)

Restore Exchange 2007 Database EDB 4.1

Exchange EDB Recovery utility provides advance recovery option for highly corrupted Exchange database files because sometimes database doesn?t fix by normal recovery mode. This tool has limitless powerful capabilities and features which every person handles it without any technical understanding.

See also: restore exchange 2007 database edb, mailbox, recover, convert, emails

Download Restore Exchange 2007 Database EDB 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Restore Exchange 2007 Database EDB 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange 2010 Repair Mailbox Corruption 4.1

If you have query that how to move Exchange 2010 mailbox? Then you can try Exchange Server Recovery tool that perfectly fits to finish all unknown error messages that deeply damage Exchange database files. It provides lots of abilities and features for users which they easily get back their healthy database without making any further efforts.

See also: exchange 2010 repair mailbox corruption, restore, move, database, convert, recovery

Download Exchange 2010 Repair Mailbox Corruption 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2010 Repair Mailbox Corruption 4.1 (only $299.00)

Move NSF Files 9.3

Follow some simple steps to move NSF files to Outlook PST file format, users can choose the selective mails via Filter options and move Lotus Notes database to Outlook. Export Notes helps you to converts encrypted NSF files into PST. It manages up to 20 GB limitation of Outlook.

See also: move nsf files, move lotus notes database, move lotus notes to outlook, nsf to pst free, nsf to pst outlook conversion, nsf to pst tool download, convert lotus notes to outlook, lotus notes to outlook converter, notes to outlook

Download Move NSF Files 9.3 (Size: 4505 KB)Buy Move NSF Files 9.3 (only $250.00)

Exchange 2007 Extract Mailbox to PST 4.1

Now how to Exchange 2007 extract mailbox to PST task simple to perform by Exchange Server Recovery tool. Easily convert all EDB items like emails, calendar, attachments contacts, calendar, notes, journals etc into the Outlook surroundings without enforcing any further efforts.

See also: exchange 2007 extract mailbox to pst, export, database, convert, recover, 2010

Download Exchange 2007 Extract Mailbox to PST 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2007 Extract Mailbox to PST 4.1 (only $299.00)

Recover Exchange 2010 Mailbox Items 4.1

When Exchange server errors like Jet engine error, dirty shutdown, log file errors, synchronization error, server failure or malware attacks etc affects the Exchange database then the recovery software i.e. Exchange database recovery helps to recover corrupt Exchange database to new/healthy Exchange environment. It used to recover Exchange 2010 database file without making any changes to original file format.

See also: recover exchange 2010 mailbox items, recover corrupt exchange database, restore exchange 2007 edb file, move emails from exchange to pst, convert exchange 2003 mailbox to pst, restore exchange 2007 to another server

Download Recover Exchange 2010 Mailbox Items 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Recover Exchange 2010 Mailbox Items 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST Tool 4.1

Exchange database files inaccessibility is common nowadays because of Exchange Server errors that deeply damaged it. To overcome these crucial errors and smoothly convert Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST utilize Exchange Server Recovery tool that only one solution for whole corruptness of EDB files.

See also: exchange 2010 mailbox to pst tool, convert, database, recover, extract

Download Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST Tool 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST Tool 4.1 (only $299.00)

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