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My Collectibles 3.0

My Collectibles is a powerful and flexible program that helps you easily organize and catalog all your collectibles. The Program offers the flexibility of customizable data entry screens. With the easy to use Edit Fields utilities you can resize edit fields, change field labels or use one of 15 built-in labels templates. My Collectible as all the features other collection softwares have, but it is much easier to use.

See also: Book, Video, Record, Magazine, Newspaper, Photo, Sport Memorabilia, Model Project, Train, Figurine, Jewelry, Stamp, Comic, Currency, Coin, Trading Card, inventory, collectible, Poster, Recipe, Doll

Download My Collectibles 3.0 (Size: 1750 KB)Buy My Collectibles 3.0 (only $20.00)

Doll Tracker 2005 2.1

The Most Powerful Attractive Doll Collection Management Software Ever! Built by Doll Artists and Collectors for Collectors as seen in Doll Magazines, on Ebay and at Free ten try demo and excellent product support. Iimport Outlook Contacts, store virtually any file type, Fast data enty, customizable drop down lists, password protected, guest account, print catalogs, extensive reporting and advanced finding and sorting.

See also: doll database, doll collecting, doll collection, doll, barbie, barbie database

Download Doll Tracker 2005 2.1 (Size: 15 KB)Buy Doll Tracker 2005 2.1 (only $14.95)

Doll Collector Professional 3.0

If you collect Dolls, either as a hobby or have a business, this program is for you to keep those dolls organized and muchmore. This program lets you record detailed information about each of your Dolls, such as: Source Aquired From Info, includingaddress, email, and telephone info. Country doll was made in, Doll's Name, Description, Condition, Cost, Value, and muchmore. Plus you can import and display, 2 photos of each doll.

See also: dolls, doll, doll collecting, doll collecting software, doll collector professional

Download Doll Collector Professional 3.0 (Size: 1060 KB)Buy Doll Collector Professional 3.0 (only $14.99)

Toy Manager Pro 4.1.0

Toy Manager is an application that provides the means to keep an inventory of your dolls and toys. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your dolls and toys including where you keep them, initial cost, current value, from whom and when they were purchased, serial numbers, model numbers, color, etc. Reports show inventory by Manufacturer, Doll/Toy Type, etc. Unlimited records! This is a great program for doll and toy collectors.

See also: collection, collector, toy chest, toybox, dolls, doll collector, toys, toy collector

Download Toy Manager Pro 4.1.0 (Size: 33116 KB)Buy Toy Manager Pro 4.1.0 (only $19.95)

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