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SimApp 2.01

Modeling and simulation tool for automatic control systems in the time and frequency domain based on the idea of block diagrams. Full visual block diagram editor. Simulation results are displayed in diagrams and data tables. Has more than 90 basic function blocks. Users can design custom blocks and store them in the programs palette or in libraries. Parameter variation lets compare systems responses with varying parameter values.

See also: closed-loop, Bode plot, time domain, frequency domain, engineering, dynamics, modeling, control systems, automation, simulation, open-loop, eigenvalues

Download SimApp 2.01 (Size: 7583 KB)Buy SimApp 2.01 (only $140.00)

MB Free Enneagram Software 1.0

MB Free Enneagram Software is an interactive and interesting tool to judge your personality and analyze your nature. It is principally a diagnostic tool for one's emotional and expressive outlook on life, which empowers to understand better about self and others. It plots the 9 distinct personality types and depicts how these types move during stressful and under flourishing situations.

See also: enneagram, personality, test, free, type, personality, psychology, free, online, personality dynamics

Download MB Free Enneagram Software 1.0 (Size: 1256 KB)

Universal Mechanism Lite 4.0

The program is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems. The program is intended for using by students and teachers for educational purposes as well as design engineers for express analysis of designed mechanisms in their everyday work. It does not need from the user any special knowledge and operates with well-known for any design engineer terms and ideas.

See also: mechanics, dynamics, kinematics, simulation, mechanism

Download Universal Mechanism Lite 4.0 (Size: 18074 KB)

Grow Taller RSS Feeder 2.0

Grow Taller RSS Feeder.Easily Create and find rss feeds to add to any site.Free yourself from having to manually update your web content with autopilot conten from RSS feeds.Easily search for RSS feeds related to your site and niche.Instantly attract web visitors to your site with quality content and news stories which will keep them coming back to your site for more.This software generates RSS feeds from news sites that you can add to your site.

See also: grow tall, grow taller, get taller, gain height, grow taller 4 idiots, grow taller for idiots, grow taller secrets, grow taller dynamics, Make Me Grow Taller, Height Challenged,, growtaller4idiots, how to grow taller naturally

Download Grow Taller RSS Feeder 2.0 (Size: 1295 KB)

InfoMigrator for Dynamics CRM 1.0

Migrate Contacts (including Accounts, Contacts and Leads), Calendar and Tasks information from Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Palm Desktop, Salesforce and SugarCRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

See also: Outlook CRM, Outlook Dynamics, Google Dynamics, ACT Dynamics, ACT MS, Salesforce Dynamics, SugarCRM Dynamics, Palm Dynamics

Download InfoMigrator for Dynamics CRM 1.0 (Size: 1877 KB)Buy InfoMigrator for Dynamics CRM 1.0 (only $29.95)

Voxengo Soniformer 3.3

Advanced spectral mastering dynamics processor AU and VST plugin. A powerful tool for mastering, stereo field adjustments and restoration with a comprehensive visual feedback.

See also: downward compressor, compressor, dynamics processor, spectral, mid-side

Download Voxengo Soniformer 3.3 (Size: 6276 KB)Buy Voxengo Soniformer 3.3 (only $89.95)

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