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Exchange Keyfinder 1.0.0

Exchange Keyfinder finds your lost Exchange product key from a current installation of Exchange Server. This product is part of a suite of products that find your product key for Windows, Office, .NET studio, and all Microsoft Server products.

See also: exchange serial number, exchange server key, product key, exchange product code

Download Exchange Keyfinder 1.0.0 (Size: 2197 KB)Buy Exchange Keyfinder 1.0.0 (only $10.95)

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server 3.2

Internet Access Monit for ISA Server or is software for monitoring the efficiency of the Internet bandwidth usage by your company employees. With Internet Access Monitor, you can easily find out which employees use the most bandwidth, when and what exactly they download and how much time they spend online.

See also: Proxy Inspector, MailDetective, ProxyInspector, log files analysis, log analyzer, ms exchange server, Mail Detective, postfix, qmail, kerio mailserver, sendmail, merak mail server, mdaemon, eserv, proxy+, squid, ms proxy, ms isa server, winroute, wingate, proxy server

Download Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server 3.2 (Size: 5014 KB)Buy Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server 3.2 (only $199.00)

SmartPOP2Exchange 6.1.3

SmartPOP2Exchange helps you to connect your existing POP3/IMAP accounts to an SMTP or Exchange mail server. An easy to use configuration tool allows you to adjust common options like download interval, timeout, log file etc. and to configure SMTP/Exchange and POP3/IMAP accounts. A configurable spam filter tags or deletes spam mails. A powerful rules engine is also integrated. Most installed virus scanners can be used to identify infected mails.

See also: 2003, 2000, connector, forward, POP, Mails, Mail, rules, filter, Spam, Server, Email, Exchange, SMTP, POP3, NT4, SmartPOP2Exchange, IMAP, E-mail, download, backup, virus

Download SmartPOP2Exchange 6.1.3 (Size: 7870 KB)Buy SmartPOP2Exchange 6.1.3 (only $74.95)

VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5

VisNetic Mail Server is a high performance mail server with an extensive, highly configurable feature set. This secure email server, also ideal for use as a gateway mail server, features built-in anti spam, Web mail, instant messaging server, support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL), and remote administration capabilities. Integrated antivirus support and groupware functionality is also available.

See also: spam prevention, spam filter, antispam, anti spam, instant messaging, web admin, web mail, WAP, LDAP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, Email server, Mail server, mail transfer agent

Download VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5 (Size: 25757 KB)Buy VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5 (only $360.00)

CSCatchAll 2.00

CSCatchAll adds a much-needed feature to MS Exchange Server 2000 and 2003: A catch-all mailbox that receives all mail originally addressed to recipients that are not in your active directory. There is zero configuration of CSCatchAll necessary - just install it and add a "" email address to any of your users in the active directory. That user then receives all misaddressed email.

See also: exchange server, distribute, smtp, reroute, forward, catch-all, catchall, exchange, email

Download CSCatchAll 2.00 (Size: 2691 KB)Buy CSCatchAll 2.00 (only $95.00)

Server Maintenance Portal 3.1

Server Maintenance Portal® (SMP) works with Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.0 (MBSA) to automatically scan systems on your network and quickly detect common security misconfigurations and missing updates. Use it to scan and document your entire server farm overnight.

See also: web, 2000, doucmentation, admin, maintenance, server, analyzer, baseline, security, microsoft, portal

Download Server Maintenance Portal 3.1 (Size: 764 KB)Buy Server Maintenance Portal 3.1 (only $89.00)

Excel Access Import, Export & Convert Software 7.0

Use this Excel Add-in to import and export tables from Access quickly. This will allow you use to Excel as a frontend to your Access database. No SQL knowledge needed.

See also: tables, importing, exporting, converting, database, conversion, converter, sql, front end, gui, transfer, insert access into a table in access, save as csv, load data infile, export from access as tab comma separated, connect to my Database via ODBC, use MS access to query my database, access via odbc, save the query an an access Query file, access ODBC add on, how to read a access database off the internet using access, export data from an MS access file and import it to access, ODBC DSN to your access database, access odbc driver, MyODBC, LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE, MS access spreadsheet into a access db, delimit, delimited, access to access format, switch DB from access to access, import into access through ODBC, access sheet to access table, access spreadsheet to access table, script, cvs, migrate data into a table in Microsoft access to access, connect to a access Database using access, importing and exporting data, access vs. access, command for connecting access to access, Sending data from access to access, Import from access to access, access in access dbase, access ] CSV ] access, from access to access, going from access on web server to access on desktop, copying from access to access, access access access info conversion, macro, open office, php admin, Import access file into access database, converting tables to access format

Download Excel Access Import, Export & Convert Software 7.0 (Size: 444 KB)Buy Excel Access Import, Export & Convert Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

Exchange Server Data Recovery 8.01.01

Exchange server recovery is data recovery software for Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2000, 2003 and 2007. Exchange server recovery software scans the corrupt mail databases (.edb, .stm) and saves recovered data in Personal Storage File format (.pst). Restores corrupt mailboxes and recovers folders, emails, images, attachments, and journals and saves them to .PST format readable with MS Outlook email client.

See also: exchange server data recovery, exchange server recovery, edb repair, exchange edb recovery, edb recovery

Download Exchange Server Data Recovery 8.01.01 (Size: 1167 KB)Buy Exchange Server Data Recovery 8.01.01 (only $299.00)

Aspose.Network for .NET

Aspose.Network is a suite of .NET components for network programming with support for .NET logging framework, Microsoft Exchange Server and allows parsing an Outlook document. It provides SSL support for SMTP, POP3 & IMAP protocols with mail merge features and supports all the useful features of SMTP, MIME, S/MIME, POP3, FTP, WhoIs, DNS, ICMP, IMAP, HTTP, SOCKS 4/4A and SOCKS 5.

See also: DNS, DNS mail, S/MIME, S-MIME, SMIME, protocol, S/MIME protocol, network programming, SMTP, MIME, POP3, FTP, WhoIs, DNS, ICMP, IMAP, HTTP, SOCKS 4/4A, SOCKS 5, Outlook document, Exchange Server, .NET components for network programming

Download Aspose.Network for .NET (Size: 1953 KB)Buy Aspose.Network for .NET (only $399.00)

EDB Recovery 8.02.01

Exchange server recovery software helps to recover exchange mailboxes and their items. Emails, contacts, journals, attachments, images, permanently deleted emails, email properties are easily recovered with edb recovery software.

See also: edb recovery, edb recovery software, edb repair, email recovery software, exchange server recovery, repair dirty shutdown

Download EDB Recovery 8.02.01 (Size: 1208 KB)Buy EDB Recovery 8.02.01 (only $299.00)

Exchange Server Reporting 12.06.01

An organization requires compliance of email regulatory standards. To meet the prescribed email regulatory standard, one should use Exchange server reporter tool. Lepide exchange reporter monitors email inflow on exchange server during certain period. It helps the IT administrator in monitoring and analyzing the email traffic of exchange server.

See also: exchange server reporting, exchange reporter, exchange server reporter, exchange mailbox folder reports, ensure corporate email compliance, exchange server capacity planning

Download Exchange Server Reporting 12.06.01 (Size: 13824 KB)Buy Exchange Server Reporting 12.06.01 (only $499.00)

Public Folder Recovery 11.05.01

Some of the common reasons of exchange server corruption are physical hard drive errors, mailbox deletion, jet engine errors, accidental emails deletion, failure of Exchange server due to improper shutdowns or power failure, virus attacks and human errors. In order to resolve these problems, Kernel for Exchange Server recovery is the best utility. Lost public folder items can also be extracted easily with this tool.

See also: public folder recovery, public folder recovery tool, exchange public folder recovery, exchange server data recovery, exchange server database recovery, edb repair, edb recovery

Download Public Folder Recovery 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy Public Folder Recovery 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Recovery Files ? EDB to PST Converter 11.05.01

Network administrators must use EDB to PST converter to recover mailbox database from corrupt Exchange Server. It quickly extracts user mailbox from the Exchange Information Stores and finally send extracted items in PST or EDB file. Kernel for Exchange Server recovery is one such EDB to PST converter that supports recovery of Unicode characters from the public or private EDB databases

See also: edb to pst converter, edb to pst, exchange edb to pst, convert edb to pst, exchange server recovery, edb files, edb repair, edb recovery

Download Recovery Files ? EDB to PST Converter 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy Recovery Files ? EDB to PST Converter 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Repair EDB 11.05.01

Owing to a number of factors such as abrupt system shutdown, power outage, hard disk crash, accidental mailbox deletion and many more the EDB file gets damaged and corrupt and hence you need to repair EDB file.

See also: repair edb, repair edb file, edb repair, edb repair tool, edb recovery, exchange edb recovery, exchange server recovery, exchange edb recovery

Download Repair EDB 11.05.01 (Size: 3901 KB)Buy Repair EDB 11.05.01 (only $399.00)

Export Exchange Email Outlook 2010 4.1

Solve known or known Exchange server issues with Exchange server recovery software. With this utility user can remove all virus from virus victimized Exchange server, whether your Exchange server version is 5.0 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. User can run this software with various Windows versions.

See also: export exchange email outlook 2010, how to repair microsoft exchange server 2010, extract email from edb free, recover deleted emails from exchange server 2003, restore exchange 2010 mailbox folder

Download Export Exchange Email Outlook 2010 4.1 (Size: 5686 KB)Buy Export Exchange Email Outlook 2010 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange Server EDB Recovery 13.06.01

Exchange Server stores all the email data in EDB database files that very often gets corrupt due to different reasons. However, you don?t have to worry. All that you got to do is use Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager and recover emails, attachments, folders, tasks, notes, appointments, sent Items, and every other item in the user mailbox.

See also: exchange server recovery, exchange server edb recovery, exchange manager, exchange recovery, exchange disaster recovery, repair corrupt exchange, convert ost to pst, restore ost, exchange mailbox migration, ontrack powercontrols

Download Exchange Server EDB Recovery 13.06.01 (Size: 32051 KB)Buy Exchange Server EDB Recovery 13.06.01 (only $499.00)

Move EDB to Different Server 4.1

Now view Exchange EDB emails in Outlook file format with Exchange recovery software, through this tool user can recover highly loaded and corrupted mailboxes of Exchange server. This recovery tool is perfect to remove corruption from Exchange server versions such as 2000, 2007, 2010, etc.

See also: move edb to different server, move, edb, different, server, exchange

Download Move EDB to Different Server 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Move EDB to Different Server 4.1 (only $299.00)

EDB to PST Utility 13.08

EDB to PST utility ? an outstanding solution for Exchange administrators to accurately and flawlessly convert inaccessible Microsoft Exchange Server EDB files to easily accessible MS Outlook PST files. While performing EDB to PST conversion, EDB to PST utility maintains the data integrity and converts all the email items contained within the inaccessible EDB files.

See also: edb to pst utility, edb to pst tool, exchange server recovery, exchange server data recovery, exchange recovery, edb repair, edb recovery

Download EDB to PST Utility 13.08 (Size: 4075 KB)Buy EDB to PST Utility 13.08 (only $399.00)

MS Exchange Mailbox Restore 6.0

Enstella MS Exchange Mailbox Restore software is most reliable Exchange recovery & EDB converter tool to fix exchange database & migrate EDB to PST. Exchange mailbox recovery tool integrated with latest techniques of EDB recovery & exchange mailbox conversion feature that enables you to directly export EDB emails to PST. Recovery of Exchange server is 100% risk free with Exchange server recovery software & restore Exchange EDB to PST mailbox.

See also: ms exchange mailbox restore, repair exchange edb, convert edb to pst, repair exchange database, exchange database recovery, restore exchange database, exchange recovery, edb converter, exchange server recovery, recover edb file, exchange data recovery

Download MS Exchange Mailbox Restore 6.0 (Size: 2780 KB)Buy MS Exchange Mailbox Restore 6.0 (only $299.00)

Move Exchange 2003 to New Server 2010 4.5

Recover and move Exchange server EDB files to new server or MS Outlook PST file format with unbeatable applications of Exchange recovery software. With this tool user can transfer Exchange server emails to EML, MSG, and etc format without losing messages content and attachments.

See also: move exchange 2003 to new server 2010, move, exchange, 2003, new server, 2010

Download Move Exchange 2003 to New Server 2010 4.5 (Size: 14723 KB)Buy Move Exchange 2003 to New Server 2010 4.5 (only $299.00)

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