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Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3

Rotor team is proud to present you with the newest version of popular program which allows you to make your 3D presentations both with 3D models and sound! This software offers a convenient, easy solution to integrate your 3D models with sounds. Make professional 3D presentations in a simple manner using this software with an intuitive interface which is suitable for all personal and official presentations.

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Download Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3 (Size: 1974 KB)Buy Rotor 3D Viewer 1.3 (only $29.85)

infoRouter Document Management Software 7.0

infoRouter Version 7 is an Electronic Document Management Software System that includes Workflow, Content & Portal Management, Knowledge Management, Electronic Forms, ISO 9000 Document Control and Regulatory Compliance modules under one integrated software suite.

See also: PDF, digital media, procurement, documentation, regulatory compliance, lifecycle, Computer, paperless, delivery, collaboration, distribution, News, Reviews, index, Printer, medical records, database, search, organizations, directory, find, Online, authoring, Research, AIIM, share, Legal, OCR, Browse, Document Tracking, Digital Asset, programming, CMS, format, retrieval, revision, capture, RFP, proposal, Office, EDMS, XML, articles, DMS, COLD, printing, publisher, imaging solutions, source code, document recovery, Recycle bin, Secure documents, Domain, Document Archiving Software, Document Expiration, Document Retention Software, DOD, file manager, zip download, check-out, check-in, upload, download, folder, file, Web interface, Custom Properties, Templates, Forms, API, Web services, Scanning interface, Workflow, portal management, knowledge management, ISO Document Control, content management, electronic document management, document management software, information assets, Digital Archiving, attachments, HIPAA, conversion, Output, version-control, Desktop Publishing, locking, copy, move, metadata, indexing, query, viewing, TIFF, Subscription, white papers, intelligence, Collection, Text, full-text search engine, flow, messaging, Sarbanes Oxley, auditing

Download infoRouter Document Management Software 7.0 (Size: 610 KB)

Explorer View - File Viewer 2.4

ExplorerView is an add on feature to Microsoft Windows Explorer that allows the full instant preview of files from within Explorer. There is no need to open the file with its application to display its contents. With ExplorerView instantly find the right file the first time, every time! Cut and paste text and graphics from the Explorer Window right into a new document! Full instant preview of documents, picutres, movies and graphics.

See also: PDF viewer, File viewing software, Windows Explorer, CAD viewer

Download Explorer View - File Viewer 2.4 (Size: 5907 KB)Buy Explorer View - File Viewer 2.4 (only $29.95)

MS Powerpoint Find and Replace In Multiple Presentations Software 7.0

Search and replace text in many Microsoft Powerpoint presentations without having to open them. This program will make your universal changes in seconds.

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Download MS Powerpoint Find and Replace In Multiple Presentations Software 7.0 (Size: 340 KB)Buy MS Powerpoint Find and Replace In Multiple Presentations Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

Kiwi Log Viewer (Win) 2.0

Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows is a freeware application that displays text based log files in a tabular format. Only a small section of the file is read from disk at a time which saves memory and allows you to view a file that would be too big to fit in memory. The tail option monitors the specified log file for changes and displays any new data that is added in real time. Features colorization based on sub-string or RegExp matches

See also: Log file viewing, apache logs, PIX log file, tab delimited format, CSV, syslog files, colorized display

Download Kiwi Log Viewer (Win) 2.0 (Size: 1219 KB)

MS Word Doc Recovery From SysInfoTools 1.0

SysInfoTools MS Word Doc Repair is an outstanding software program for MS Word documents recovery. This result-oriented software program presents 100% positive outcomes to users. It helps users to remove heavy corruption from their Doc files. It successfully fixes all the errors from corrupt Doc files without affecting the data stored inside them. It takes very short time to recover maximum data and creates a new file to save that recovered data.

See also: Word document repair, repair corrupted word document, repair word file, Doc file recovery, word document recovery, how to repair corrupt Doc file, fix corrupt Doc file, word document recovery, viewing doc files, recovery word doc, doc files restore

Download MS Word Doc Recovery From SysInfoTools 1.0 (Size: 2856 KB)Buy MS Word Doc Recovery From SysInfoTools 1.0 (only $49.00)

DBF Viewer Tool 1.0.0

DBF Viewer is a specialized database viewer and data recovery tool intended for all categories of users looking for a way to restore damaged DBF data on their own and without leaving their workplace. The software is extremely compact, can be downloaded and installed in seconds and requires absolutely no recovery experience of any sort, allowing anyone to recover valuable data from a corrupted database in no time.

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Download DBF Viewer Tool 1.0.0 (Size: 3091 KB)Buy DBF Viewer Tool 1.0.0 (only $27.00)

2Png 5.2

2PNG is a graphics converter allowing you to convert images to png format from 50 image file types. The program has no windows interface and is fully optimized for working in background mode. 2PNG processes multiple files at a time. With 2PNG you can crop margins, rotate or mirror image, change size, make a single collage from several images, specify background color or apply 6 color correction methods or 4 photo enhancement effects.

See also: wmf, eps, pcx, bmp, tiff, jpeg, gif, into, format, file, viewer, image, thumbnail, batch, converter, convert, graphics, images, digital

Download 2Png 5.2 (Size: 3219 KB)Buy 2Png 5.2 (only $125.00)

SysInfoTools MS PowerPoint PPT Recovery 1.0

SysInfoTools has designed an advanced PowerPoint PPT recovery tool to repair corrupt MS PowerPoint PPT files. It successfully repairs corrupt PPT files and recovers maximum data (slides, handouts, images, animation, audio, video, graphs, clipart etc.) from them. It supports Standard and Advanced Recovery Modes and supports preview of recovered slides and images.

See also: ppt repair, powerpoint repair, repair powerpoint file, restore powerpoint file, powerpoint restore, powerpoint recovery, ppt recovery tool, powerpoint 2003 repair, ppt file viewer, free powerpoint viewer, repair ppt files, MS Office 2007, repair ppt

Download SysInfoTools MS PowerPoint PPT Recovery 1.0 (Size: 2812 KB)Buy SysInfoTools MS PowerPoint PPT Recovery 1.0 (only $49.00)

Access to XML Conversion Software 4.0

Best Access to XML Conversion software is advanced and easy to use MDB to XML converter tool that instantly convert access database to XML. Export MDB to XML program can speedily export ms access to xml with all the MS Access elements including table, report, query, forms etc. Effective Access to XML database extractor utility helps to covert access to xml database from different MS Access versions like:-97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

See also: access to xml, access to xml conversion software, mdb to xml, convert mdb database, convert mdb to xml, export mdb to xml, ms access to xml, access file to xml, migrate access database file to xml, access database conversion, access to xml database extractor

Download Access to XML Conversion Software 4.0 (Size: 1281 KB)Buy Access to XML Conversion Software 4.0 (only $28.00)

MS Access Recovery Software 3.2

Proper recovery of corrupt Access database files is done by MS Access Recovery Tool. Repair Damaged Access Database with Access Recovery program without the fear of data loss. Password protected database can also be repaired with Repair Damaged Access Data tool. Access files created in 2010 2003, 2002 or 97 are easily recoverable with Repair MS Access tool. MS Access Recovery Software is absolutely capable of fulfilling all your requirements.

See also: ms access recovery software, access recovery, recover access file, access recovery tool, repair ms access, repair damaged access database, repair corrupt access data, repair damaged access data, repair microsoft access, access recovery software

Download MS Access Recovery Software 3.2 (Size: 2959 KB)Buy MS Access Recovery Software 3.2 (only $69.00)

Recover Deleted

Recover Deleted is the most trusted software which is efficient enough to recover all the files and folders which has been lost or deleted, which is capable of recovering more than 300 file types such as zip archives, documents etc. Restore erased data from internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, iPods, FireWire drives etc. It retrieves all missing or deleted files in no time from Windows PC.

See also: recover deleted, recover deleted files, software to recover deleted files, deleted file recovery software, recover deleted photos

Download Recover Deleted (Size: 19473 KB)Buy Recover Deleted (only $39.00)

Exchange OST Recovery Utility 3.6

Exchange OST Recovery Utility is reliable exchange OST file recovery can Recover mailbox file and convert OST file into the corresponding PST file. The OST recovery software even recovers all Outlook mail components (Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Journals etc.) from the corrupt/damaged OST files and restores them in a new PST file. In order to work with the mailboxes, the newly created PST file needs to be imported to Outlook 2010/2007/2003.

See also: exchange ost recovery utility, exchange ost recovery, exchange ost file recovery, ost recovery, recover exchange ost file, recover ost to pst

Download Exchange OST Recovery Utility 3.6 (Size: 3010 KB)Buy Exchange OST Recovery Utility 3.6 (only $99.00)

Export Excel to vCard 1.3

Export Excel to vCard with XLS to VCF file software. Excel to vCard tool has versatile features to export Excel contacts to vCard or convert Excel to VCF file with all contacts fields. Convert Excel contacts to blackberry, iPhone, Lotus Notes etc with Excel to vCard. With Export Excel to vCard create map attribution for converting Excel to VCF.

See also: export excel to vcard, excel to vcard, xls to vcard, excel to vcf xls to vcf, convert excel to vcf file, converting excel to vcf, excel to vcard converter, excel contacts to blackberry, excel contacts to iphone, import excel contacts to iphone

Download Export Excel to vCard 1.3 (Size: 1310 KB)Buy Export Excel to vCard 1.3 (only $69.00)

Merge Software 3.0

In mostly cases your Outlook would be impede, when multiple PST files are not easily accessible and moveable? Are you feeling hassle due to all these activities? Now we have a latest tool which easily merge multiple PST files in single PST and you can easily move your Outlook data and merge Outlook calendar and also join all outlook items like: Contacts, Emails and To-Do list in one PST. This tool is extremely user friendly to merge PST file.

See also: merge pst file, merge outlook files, merge pst archive files, merge outlook contacts, merge outlook data files, pst merger, merge outlook calendar

Download Merge Software 3.0 (Size: 2560 KB)Buy Merge Software 3.0 (only $69.00)

Retrieve Erased Files 9.61

Retrieve Erased Files - Recover Files, Retrieve Erased Files Automatically with the file Recovery Software. How to recover files? How to retrieve erased photos from camera? How to retrieve erased videos from camcorder? How to retrieve erased files from broken drive? Automatically retrieve erased files - with the file Recovery Software. Retrieve Erased Files - Download recovery tool at

See also: retrieve erased files, recover files, retrieve erased files automatically, retrieve erased files, retrieve erased files, unerase files, retrieve erased file, retrieve erased file, retrieve erased file, unerase file

Download Retrieve Erased Files 9.61 (Size: 18914 KB)Buy Retrieve Erased Files 9.61 (only $79.95)

KingConvert For BlackBerry 4.0.1

The Suite includes All Files,DVD,CD,SVCD and VCD to BlackBerry Video Converter. The BlackBerry Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to BlackBerry video (MP4 format). And the Kingconvert to BlackBerry helps you convert any Files,DVD,CD,VCD to BlackBerry movie with high quality and fast conversion speed.

See also: Any file to BlackBerry, DVD to BlackBerry, CD to BlackBerry, VCD to BlackBerry.

Download KingConvert For BlackBerry 4.0.1 (Size: 17281 KB)Buy KingConvert For BlackBerry 4.0.1 (only $29.00)

Protect File / Protect Folder 1.0

a great software tool to protect your files and protect your folders to prevent others from seeing your private files

See also: protect file, protect folder, password protect file, password protect folder, protect file tool, protect folder tool, protect file utility, protect folder utility

Download Protect File / Protect Folder 1.0 (Size: 814 KB)Buy Protect File / Protect Folder 1.0 (only $29.95)

Retrieve Erased Files, Photos, Video 4.93

Retrieve Erased Files, Retrieve Erased Photos, Retrieve Erased Music - Download software to Retrieve Erased Files. File recovery software can: retrieve erased files, retrieve erased files, retrieve erased files, unerase files and recover files. How to retrieve erased files? Recover files - automatically. Retrieve Erased Files - Download software at

See also: retrieve erased files, retrieve erased photos, retrieve erased mp3, retrieve erased music, retrieve erased pictures, retrieve erased images, recover files, restore files, recovery software, file recovery

Download Retrieve Erased Files, Photos, Video 4.93 (Size: 28914 KB)Buy Retrieve Erased Files, Photos, Video 4.93 (only $79.95)

Unerase Files Recover Files TP Co Ltd 4.13

Recover Files - Recover Files, Recover Files Automatically with the file Recover Software. How to recover files? How to recover photos from camera? How to unerase files from broken drive? Automatically recover files - with the document Recover Software. Recover Files - Download restoration tool right on

See also: recover files, recover files, recover files automatically, recover files, recover files, recover files, recover file, recover file, recover file, recover file

Download Unerase Files Recover Files TP Co Ltd 4.13 (Size: 32239 KB)Buy Unerase Files Recover Files TP Co Ltd 4.13 (only $79.95)

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