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BlackWidow 4.40

BlackWidow is a multi function internet tool. It is a site ripper, offline browser, web site scanner, a site mapping tool and a site mirroring tool. Use it to scan a site, and create a complete profile of the site structure, files, external links and even link errors. BlackWidow will scan HTTP sites, SSL sites (HTTPS) and FTP sites. uses threads, pull links from Java Scripts and Java Scripts files, Print the structure of the web site + more.

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Download BlackWidow 4.40 (Size: 2519 KB)Buy BlackWidow 4.40 (only $39.95)

PDF Splitter Download

Download PDF splitter utility tool add split merge join combine concatenate compare two large PDF files into one and break divide cut multiple batch PDF documents into parts. PDF tool remove unused certain page. This PDF merger freeware product has all the features which are required for doing PDF related work. PDF cutter utility set up user owner password for security, apply watermark bookmark stamp on several file and modify PDFs page size.

See also: PDF, splitter, split, merge, combine, break, cut, divide, remove, delete, compare, add, join, PDF, merger, cutter, joiner, pages, change, page size, Watermark, stamp, Bookmark, set, user, owner, password, protect, encrypt, PDFs, files

Download PDF Splitter Download (Size: 1362 KB)Buy PDF Splitter Download (only $29.95)

Docx Repair 3.0

What can you do if your Docx file gets corrupted? Here is a simple solution of your problem. Repair corrupt Docx file or fix corrupt Word 2007 documents. Docx File Recovery software is more powerful Docx repairer tool or Docx file repair utility to repair MS Word 2007 files & recover corrupt Docx file data including texts, images, tables, charts, header & footer etc & allow to save it in .Docx & .RTF file format.

See also: docx repair, docx repairer, docx file repair, docx file recovery, repair docx files, repair corrupt docx file, fix docx file, fix corrupt docx file, fix corrupt word 2007 document, repair word 2007 document, repair ms word 2007, recover corrupt docx file

Download Docx Repair 3.0 (Size: 1382 KB)Buy Docx Repair 3.0 (only $45.00)

Best Free Music Organizer Software Pro 6.83

Music Organizer utility - get PC music organizer, good Windows music organizer for the music organizing and high-end automated music organizer tool. this fantastic music organizer, outstanding music organizer software and awesome PC best music organizer to sort all your audio on Windows. Just download MP3 music organizer, the best MP3 music organizer software and the MP3 best music organizer software.

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Download Best Free Music Organizer Software Pro 6.83 (Size: 9777 KB)

iCare Format Recovery 1.0

formatted drive file recovery, undelete from formatted drive, format recovery, partition formatted recovery, raw file system and reads 0 byte solution by iCare Format Recovery, the comprehensive format recovery tool to recover lost files, photos, mp3, music files etc. iCare Format Recovery is an reliable format recovery tool to take your files back.

See also: recover files from formatted drive, recover formatted drive, format recovery software, unformat, raw drive recovery, sd card format recovery

Download iCare Format Recovery 1.0 (Size: 2865 KB)Buy iCare Format Recovery 1.0 (only $69.95)

Text to Voice Converter

Word text to voice converter speech software reads all text contents like RSS feeds, eBook, web pages, PDF, email, excel, plain text, html, rtf file and save it to wav format. You can simply play this file in future using mp3, PC audio players, iPod, Zune player. Clipboard document to speak reader creator producer composer generator maker utility make convert build compose change produce generate all type of text documents into wave sound file.

See also: text, voice, converter, Word, eBook, pdf, speech, sound, creator, create, wav, file, email, reader, convert, change, files, converting, produce, build, compose, clipboard, audio, speak, wave, talk, talking, read, webpage, document, maker, generate

Download Text to Voice Converter (Size: 830 KB)Buy Text to Voice Converter (only $9.90)

Get Back Lost Data 2.1

SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery software helps you to Get Deleted Data Back from FAT & NTFS partition only. This is a simple and intuitive software solution that even novice users can use with full confidence to Get Deleted Files Back. Also, the software performs quick deleted data recovery process. Our product employs fast recovery techniques and advanced algorithms to help you to Get Back Data for Windows.

See also: get back lost data, get back data, get back data for ntfs, get back data for fat, get back data for fat32, get back data for windows, get deleted data back, get deleted files back, how to get back lost data, how to get back lost files

Download Get Back Lost Data 2.1 (Size: 1812 KB)Buy Get Back Lost Data 2.1 (only $49.00)

Zeento 1.0

Zeento allows you to share all your documents, movies, pictures, directly from your hard drive with your friends over the Internet. It's easy and free! With Zeento you can: Share local files with others, All ftp functionality over p2p network, Send and download files directly from others with no limitations, Use multimedia instant messaging, Send pictures and photoalbums while you chat, You decide who can get access to your resources.

See also: zeento, ftp, ftp server, ftp client, file sharing, share files, share documents, movies, videos, clips, mp3, music, secure, encrypted, friends, P2P, private, Friend to Friend, instant messaging, chat, multimedia, photo, pictures, contacts

Download Zeento 1.0 (Size: 19722 KB)Buy Zeento 1.0 (only $24.99)

Repair Corrupt Access Data 3.2

Repair Corrupt Access Database to quickly recover and repair Fix MDB Files. The Access Recovery software has a user open interface which proves useful to every technical and non-technical user. You can also recover the lost and forgotten passwords of Repair Corrupt Access Database. Repair Corrupt Access Database to quickly recover and repair Fix MDB Files.

See also: free access recovery software, fix mdb file, access database recovery, repair corrupt access data, fix mdb files

Download Repair Corrupt Access Data 3.2 (Size: 3778 KB)Buy Repair Corrupt Access Data 3.2 (only $69.00)

WAB Contacts File Converter 2.0

How to Convert WAB Files? Convert WAB to Outlook or Convert WAB to Excel with the WAB Contacts File Converter at SysTools Software. The WAB File Converter converts Outlook Express contacts into ANSI (MS Outlook 2000, 2002 & XP) UNICODE (MS Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010) and XLS. After the converting WAB data into the XLS, the software manages the data alphabetically in the excel sheet. The WAB Converter supports windows Vista, 2K, XP & 2003.

See also: wab contacts file converter, convert .wab to .pst, wab file converter, convert wab to outlook, how to convert wab files, convert wab to excel, wab file converter

Download WAB Contacts File Converter 2.0 (Size: 2549 KB)Buy WAB Contacts File Converter 2.0 (only $39.00)

Delete Duplicate Photos Pro 3.16

Delete Duplicate Photos - easily with the software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation to delete duplicate photos on any computer. Find duplicate photos, delete duplicate photos and remove duplicate photo files with the duplicate photo remover. How to delete duplicate photos? Delete photo duplicates with this duplicate file remover. Delete duplicate pictures too. Delete Duplicate Photos - Download software at !

See also: delete duplicate photos, delete duplicate photo files, delete duplicate photo, delete duplicate photo file, delete duplicate, remove duplicate photos, find duplicate photos, delete duplicate pictures, delete duplicate images, delete, remove, photos

Download Delete Duplicate Photos Pro 3.16 (Size: 20850 KB)Buy Delete Duplicate Photos Pro 3.16 (only $39.95)

Hard Disk Recovery 2.0

Hard disk retrieval tool is essential windows hard disk recovery software for every data loss user in most of the data loss condition such as malware & virus attack, hardware & software failure, bad sector and many more. This perfect recovery software for hard disk provides effective hard disk recovery utility for recovering window disk files & folders from corrupted, formatted and inaccessible windows hard disk.

See also: hard disk recovery software, hard disk recovery tool, windows hard disk recovery software, hard disk retrieval tool, recovery software for hard disk, retrieve hard disk data, recover windows disk files, disk recovery tools, hard disk recovery utility

Download Hard Disk Recovery 2.0 (Size: 3010 KB)Buy Hard Disk Recovery 2.0 (only $69.00)

Import EML to Outlook 3.4

To convert EML files to Outlook is now easier with Import EML to Outlook tool. Our EML to PST utility is indented to convert EML files along with all e-mail properties like: attachments email formatting, Meta data (to, cc, bcc, date, subject) to Outlook. Import EML to PST software helps users to access .EML files into .PST file in just couple of clicks.

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Download Import EML to Outlook 3.4 (Size: 1781 KB)Buy Import EML to Outlook 3.4 (only $49.00)

How to Delete Duplicate Files 4.16

How to Delete Duplicate Files? Delete duplicates - easily with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation as the best software to remove duplicate files on Windows computers. Delete duplicate files, find duplicate files and remove duplicate files with the duplicate file removing software. How to Remove duplicate files? Delete Duplicate Files - Download software to delete file duplicates at

See also: how to delete duplicate files, how to delete file duplicate, delete duplicate files, delete file duplicates, how to remove duplicate files, how to find duplicate files, find, delete, remove, duplicate, duplicated, file, files, music, mp3, photos

Download How to Delete Duplicate Files 4.16 (Size: 20592 KB)Buy How to Delete Duplicate Files 4.16 (only $39.95)

Identify Duplicate Files 6.18

Identify Duplicate Files - How? Find file duplicates, delete duplicate files and automatically remove duplicates - easily with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) corporation. This program to find duplicate files can find file duplicates, delete duplicated files and remove duplicate files on any computer. Find Duplicate Files - Download software to Identify duplicates at !

See also: identify duplicate files, find duplicate files, delete duplicate files, remove duplicate files, identify duplicate file, identify file duplicate, how to find duplicate files, software to find duplicate files, identify, find, duplicate, file, files

Download Identify Duplicate Files 6.18 (Size: 20942 KB)Buy Identify Duplicate Files 6.18 (only $39.95)

Find Duplicate Files Platinum 8.16

Find Duplicate Files - with the software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation as the BEST program to delete duplicates on any Windows computer. How to find duplicate files? How can I find duplicated files on my PC? Find file duplicates, delete duplicate files and remove file duplicates with the duplicate file finding software. Find Duplicate Files - Download software to find duplicates at !

See also: find duplicate files, find file duplicates, find duplicates, find duplicated files, search for duplicate files, locate duplicate files, find duplicate file, delete duplicate files, remove duplicate files, find, search, locate, duplicate files

Download Find Duplicate Files Platinum 8.16 (Size: 20758 KB)Buy Find Duplicate Files Platinum 8.16 (only $39.95)

Restore BKF Exec 5.2

Want to Restore BKF Exec by using any quick or trouble free utility then use SysTools BKF Repair Software more advance or faster amongst other available solutions. Pay for Full Version of software ($89) to repair or save damaged windows backup files. For more detain go & download free demo version of software.

See also: restore bkf exec, corrupt bkf fix, online solution to repair corrutp bkf files, fix bkf file, fix .bkf database from backup corruption, corrupt bkf restore tool free, corrupt bkf recovery, fix corrutp bkf free

Download Restore BKF Exec 5.2 (Size: 1320 KB)Buy Restore BKF Exec 5.2 (only $89.00)

Detect Duplicate Files 3.84

Detect Duplicate Files - How? Detect duplicate files - easily with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation as the Best program to delete duplicates. Find duplicate files, locate file duplicates, search for duplicated files - with the duplicate file removing software. Detect Duplicate Files - Download software to detect file duplicates at !

See also: detect duplicate files, detect file duplicates, detect duplicates, find duplicate files, find file duplicates, find duplicates, locate duplicate files, search for duplicate files, remove duplicate files, detect, find, duplicate, files

Download Detect Duplicate Files 3.84 (Size: 20933 KB)Buy Detect Duplicate Files 3.84 (only $39.95)

PDF Merge Software 10.05.01

Sharing and managing a bulk of PDF files is often difficult due to lack of organization and amount of time taken to search for documents. To improve such manageability issues, PDF merge software can be used. With the help of this software users can combine multiple PDF files of small sized into one large sized file. By doing this, the scope of data redundancy also decreases and users are not required to manage large volumes of files.

See also: pdf merge, pdf merge software, merge pdf files, combine pdf files, pdf merger, combine pdf, how to combine pdf files, how to merge pdf files, combine pdfs, merging pdf files

Download PDF Merge Software 10.05.01 (Size: 2641 KB)Buy PDF Merge Software 10.05.01 (only $29.00)

Recover FAT Drive

VFAT data recovery software recovers missing data records such as Word files, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides and other relevant documents lost due to corrupted boot sectors or file allocation tables. FAT data undelete tool safely backup unidentified data and saves at your system/laptop hard drive without affecting existing data. FAT data retrieval tool easily retrieves password protected files and takes minimum time to complete recovery process.

See also: directory, root, DBR, MBR, tables, missing, retrieve, drive, disk, hard, IDE, SATA, damaged, corrupted, folders, video, audio, erased, picture, deleted, files, document, lost, recover, recovery, data, partition, FAT, Vista

Download Recover FAT Drive (Size: 798 KB)Buy Recover FAT Drive (only $69.00)

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