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Accent 2.6

A handy Windows application that makes you more productive by organizing your notes, passwords, calendar, and life. Information that used to be buried on your hard drive is now at your fingertips. Even though Accent's functions are feature-rich, the wizards make it simple for first-time users to become productive immediately.

See also: organize passwords, organize notes, organizer, organizing

Download Accent 2.6 (Size: 4274 KB)Buy Accent 2.6 (only $19.99) Password Organizer 6.00

These days, everyone has many different passwords, to login to a messenger or an e-mail account, security codes for online banking, PINs for his telephone and so on. Password Organizer allows you to organize all your passwords and login data, you only have to remember your master password. Additionally, it offers many useful functions concerning secure password management, a random password generator, own encryption engine, txt export..

See also: manager, manager, organize, un-allowed, shield, encryption, encrypt, hide, hidden, secrecy, secret, messenger, eBay, credit card, PIN, login data telephone, login, privacy, personal, private, to secure, access data, Security, Passwords, password

Download Password Organizer 6.00 (Size: 636 KB)Buy Password Organizer 6.00 (only $19.99)

Keepoint 7

Keepoint 7 is a new class of web information management tools - a web research engine. It provides a complete suite of features for gathering, annotating, organizing, and sharing your valuable web research. It eliminates the costs otherwise involved in printing, filing, sorting, managing and sometimes even losing important information. Keepoint 7 is the base product of the new Keepoint 7 series, available for all internet users FREE of charge

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Download Keepoint 7 (Size: 6310 KB)

My Streamer

Listen to your MP3 music locally, on your LAN, or over the Internet. Random play of folders. Random non-stop play of all available music. Full support of ID3 tags. Automatic download of album covers. Supports multiple simultaneous users. Password access per user. Supports album cover images with front and back. Automatically categorize music by genre, artist, album and release year. Keeps track of Internet radio stations. Build your own skins...

See also: MP3 Internet streaming organize music remote catalog cover server

Download My Streamer (Size: 883 KB)Buy My Streamer (only $29.00)

Personal Knowbase Reader 3.0.3

Personal Knowbase Reader is a viewer for data files created by Personal Knowbase freeform notes manager software. Share Knowbase content with friends or co-workers, even if they don't have a copy of Personal Knowbase. Provides read-only access to files, so you can view, search, export, and print Knowbase articles, but not modify articles or create new ones. PK Reader reads files created by Personal Knowbase version 2 or 3. Free for personal use.

See also: organizer, index, notes, freeform, free-form, research, ideas, knowledge, organize, information, text, PIM, database, cardfile, writing, Personal, Knowbase

Download Personal Knowbase Reader 3.0.3 (Size: 1197 KB)

Life Organizer 1.0

Life Organizer enables individuals and families to organize their lives in a way that is easy and takes very little time. Birthdays, meetings, appointments and special events will be accurately scheduled and remembered through the use of the timeless calendar that never expires. Includes a handy form to instruct family members who to contact and what to do if an emergency were to arise. Comes with 12 bonus posters.

See also: organize, meeting, appointment, day, week, month, organization, poster, schedule, calendar, list

Download Life Organizer 1.0 (Size: 2762 KB)Buy Life Organizer 1.0 (only $10.99)

Golf Organizer Deluxe 2.5

FOR GOLF funs, enthusiasts, and players. Organize, manage, catalog golf data. Organizer deluxe comes with pre- designed templates that include: PLAYER: organize players information, STAR: create champion diaries, Tournaments: enter results, WEB: includes top web golf resources. Organizer is easy-to-use for the beginner, at the same moment feature - reach and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users.

See also: statistics, results, scores, catalog, organize, diary, tournaments, players, golf

Download Golf Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (Size: 9277 KB)Buy Golf Organizer Deluxe 2.5 (only $65.00)

Pics Organizer 1.2

If you feel lost in too many pictures, then Pics Organizer may assist you to organize on hard disk and prepare for store on your preferred media your collection of photos acquired with a digital camera. Find duplicates, advanced exif filters, batch rename photos files, create folders and subfolders, move or copy pictures to auto created organized folders structure, are just a few features that makes Pics Organizer a very powerful tool.

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Download Pics Organizer 1.2 (Size: 2066 KB)Buy Pics Organizer 1.2 (only $29.95)

Macroworx Filing Cabinets II

Clear up your cluttered desktops by organising them into discrete cabinets that slide in and out from the sides of your screen. One click access to all your favourite files, folders, shortcuts and applications. Completely drag-and-drop adding and editing. Fully skinnably, customisable and simple to use!

See also: desktop, execute, run, easy, manage, organize, file, folder, drag, drop, click

Download Macroworx Filing Cabinets II (Size: 3237 KB)Buy Macroworx Filing Cabinets II (only $19.95)

Stamp Collector 3.1

Stamp Collection Organizer is a software program to help track and catalog your stamp collection. The user interface is easy to use and browse through your stamp collection. The program has customizable reports and field so you can tailor it for your stamp collection. Other features include search, help, undo, copy, and a scanned image.

See also: stamp, postage, album, mail, book, collector, organizer, catalog, organize, collection

Download Stamp Collector 3.1 (Size: 777 KB)Buy Stamp Collector 3.1 (only $16.95)

Lets Clean Up! Plus 5.0

Let's Clean Up! makes organizing and managing household tasks simple. It remembers any number of tasks and keeps track of when each of them was last done. Tasks can repeat in days, weeks, months, or years. You can assign tasks to specific people, or rotate them between two or more people. The program prints a list of only the tasks that need doing. It can print either a single list, or individual lists for each person. It's easy to use!

See also: house, parents, cleaning, organize, maintenance, mom, clean, free trial, scheduling software, cleaning services, home value, house cleaning, housekeeping, home maintenance, home cleaning software, printable chore chart for kids, kids chore charts

Download Lets Clean Up! Plus 5.0 (Size: 652 KB)Buy Lets Clean Up! Plus 5.0 (only $9.95)

Advanced Mp3 Sorter 1.0

Advanced Mp3 sorter is an excellent program to sort, organize and change mp3 tags of one ore multiple files. It has two very useful wizards: 1. Super rename: Automatically rename files according to their tag information. 2. Super tag changer: Automatically will set tag information according to file name format. Also it has 47 extraordinary skins that will allow you customize application appearance how you like!

See also: mp3, sort, organize, tag

Download Advanced Mp3 Sorter 1.0 (Size: 2038 KB)Buy Advanced Mp3 Sorter 1.0 (only $19.00)

Best Music Organizer Software 3.87

Best Music Organizer - is award-winning software to Organize Music files. This top music organizer is one of the best music organizers to organize music files, organize thousands of music files and organize music anywhere. What is the best music organizer? What is the best music organizer software? You had found it - this automatic music organizer will organize all music on computer and music player. Organize music - Download music organizer!

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Download Best Music Organizer Software 3.87 (Size: 14634 KB)Buy Best Music Organizer Software 3.87 (only $39.95)

Taskix 2.1

Taskix is a shareware utility destined for those who keep many open windows at the same time. It allows you to reorder taskbar tabs with drag-and-drop, scroll through tabs with the mouse wheel, close tabs with middle-click, and more. It is small, straightforward to use, fast and uses very few system resources. Works in UltraMon taskbars in additional monitors. A 64 bit version is also available.

See also: reorder, order, move, organize, switch, shift, shuffle, scroll, drag, drop, mouse, taskbar, buttons, tabs, middle-click, wheel

Download Taskix 2.1 (Size: 213 KB)Buy Taskix 2.1 (only $4.00)

Complete Music Organizer Ultimate 8.30

MP3 Music Organizer - download the PC award-winning music organizer application, good computer music organizer and high-end automated music organizer tool. Run music organizer software to organize all your MP3 songs in sound folders. Just download this music organizer, top rated MP3 music organizer tool MP3 high-end music organizer software.

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Download Complete Music Organizer Ultimate 8.30 (Size: 6628 KB)Buy Complete Music Organizer Ultimate 8.30 (only $39.95)

File-Organization 1.0

Easy ways to implement file organization techniques in your home and office. Organizing your documents doesn't have to be difficult. Orggit allows you to store and access all of your most important documents anytime, anywhere. File Organization is key to becoming organized around your house. Instead of having paper documents laying around, you can digitize all of your files and upload them to an Orggit account.

See also: file organization, organize files, files organizing, file organizing, files organization, Orggit

Download File-Organization 1.0 (Size: 420 KB)

Automatic Music Organizer Pro Tool 5.06

Automatic Music Organizer solution - get best award-winning music organizer, good computer music organizer for the music organizing and the music organizer tool. Download such music organizer applicatrion, the amazing MP3 music organizer program and the awesome best music organizer to sort all MP3 on Windows computer. Download MP3 music organizer, top MP3 music organizer application, just MP3 best music organizer utility.

See also: music organizer, get music organizer, organize music files, automatic music organizer, music organizer solution, automatic music organizer pro tool

Download Automatic Music Organizer Pro Tool 5.06 (Size: 9524 KB)Buy Automatic Music Organizer Pro Tool 5.06 (only $39.95)

The Better Music Folder Organizer Tool 7.46

Automatic Music Folder Organizer software - get the music folder organizer application, computer music folder organizer and the automatic music folder organizer. Get fantastic music folder organizer applicatrion, user-friendly outstanding music folder organizer and best best music folder organizer to organize your MP3 music on your. Download music folder organizer, music folder organizer the MP3 high-end music folder organizer.

See also: music organizer, the best music folder organizer, download music organizer, organize music, automatic music organizer, music organizer program, music folder organizer tool

Download The Better Music Folder Organizer Tool 7.46 (Size: 23142 KB)Buy The Better Music Folder Organizer Tool 7.46 (only $39.95)

Labolas Music Organizer 7.10

MP3 Labolas Music Organizer program - PC award-winning music organizer tool, Windows labolas music organizer for the music organizing and the high-end automated labolas music organizer. Run labolas music organizer to automatically organize all your MP3 songs in sound folders. Just download labolas music organizer, top rated labolas music organizer MP3 high-end labolas music organizer software.

See also: labolas music organizer, the best labolas music organizer, download labolas music organizer, organize music, automatic labolas music organizer, labolas music organizer application, labolas music organizer

Download Labolas Music Organizer 7.10 (Size: 21762 KB)Buy Labolas Music Organizer 7.10 (only $39.95)

Get Music Organizer Review Program 6.14

Automatic Music Organizer utility - the best music organizer review tool, music organizer and automated music organizer. this outstanding MP3 music organizer review software, user-friendly MP3 music organizer program and the best PC best music organizer to all your MP3 on Windows PC. Just download this music organizer, MP3 music organizer application, just MP3 high-end music organizer review software.

See also: music organizer review, get music organizer review, organize music files, automatic music organizer review, music organizer review application, get music organizer review program

Download Get Music Organizer Review Program 6.14 (Size: 15959 KB)Buy Get Music Organizer Review Program 6.14 (only $39.95)

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