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QSearchFolders 1.0

QSearchFolders creates Search Folders and manage existing search folders in all versions of MS Outlook and in each place in your Outlook folder list. It makes the automatic scanning of Outlook folder such as email and contacts, tasks, calendars possible. Search Folders are a way to gather email messages and other Microsoft Outlook items into folders based on your search criteria independently of where they are put down.

See also: Personal folders, Share folders, Share Outlook, Outlook Groupware, Outlook sharing, Search folder, Outllook folder list, Search folders, Outlook folder management, Outlook search folder, Outlook Public files, Outlook team, Sharing pst

Download QSearchFolders 1.0 (Size: 1017 KB)Buy QSearchFolders 1.0 (only $48.53)

TabView Organizer 1.02.0130

Tabbed Switch between customized search Filters and Views in any Microsoft Outlook Folders. The software provides an easy search of your Outlook data through sorting and filtering them by tabs. This program is not just replacing the standard search and filter, it is a one-click filter switch that will save your time with pre-sorted, filtered items, such as e-mail, contacts, tasks, notes, etc., and will shows it in a custom view. Time saving tool.

See also: organizer, views, view, filter, sort, outlook search, search, microsoft outlook search, outlook search tool, outlook search folders, microsoft outlook, outlook, Tabs, tabview, group, tasks, table view, format, powertabs, desktop search

Download TabView Organizer 1.02.0130 (Size: 5296 KB)Buy TabView Organizer 1.02.0130 (only $39.95)

Download Multiple Web Files Software 7.0

Download multiple files from the web to multiple folders. Load a list of links from a file or get all links found within a web page.

See also: download, multiple, web, files, www, folders, directory, directories, websites, internet, net, domains, url, extractor, extracted, retrieve, pull, extraction, extracting, extracted, extracts, from, csv, txt, huge, delimited, comma, batch, corrupt, separate, seperate, several, dir, directory, folder, file, ascii, multiple, xml, flat, external, long, record, old, database, access, data base, backup, format, another, html, htm, table, restore, open, save, opening, saving, opened, saved, search, examining, numerous, number, array, part, start word, write, read, utilities, insert, doc, same, attributes, pdf, line, application, block, programatically, content, substring, string, disk, help, different, format, note, portion, one, two, keywords, find, delete, remove, manage, compare, comparison, mail, mailing, customer, database, contact, marketing, search, address, finding, import, export, file, million, hundreds, thousands, manager, management, reporting, desktop, server, online, programs, outlook, auto, automatic, automatically, free, membership, large, combine, filter, filtered, blanks, text, remove, duplicates, dupes, freeware, shareware, application, good, basic, business, bulk, addr, addresses, subscribe, subscription, subscribing, express, removing, removed, deleting, deleted, spam, filtering, comparing, comparison, microsoft, de-dupe, dedupe, emailing, managing, management, manager, mananged, migration, convert, converting, converter, converted, group, bulk, bulking, creating, sendmail, extracting, extract, extracted, unsubscribe, distribute, exporting, exported, imported, import, importing, send, sending, mass, complete, data, mailing, membership, newsletter, analyze, analyist, redirect, 3rd, mail

Download Download Multiple Web Files Software 7.0 (Size: 343 KB)Buy Download Multiple Web Files Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

EZOutlookSync Pro 1.4

EZOutlookSync Pro is the next step in MS Outlook Synchronization. It delivers industry strength for lightning fast and robust synchronization of large Outlook files between two or more computers. The program offers two main synchronization modes: both-way and unilateral. EZOutlookSync Pro can perform full backup of your Outlook profile. It can also facilitate the migration of your email service and personal data to another system.

See also: personal folders synchronization, synchronization pst, sync pst, sync outlook, synchronization outlook, synchronize outlook, synchronize pst, several outlooks, several pst

Download EZOutlookSync Pro 1.4 (Size: 1068 KB)Buy EZOutlookSync Pro 1.4 (only $59.95)

ShareO for Outlook 2.40.0200

Share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (calendar, contacts, journal, email, tasks and notes) with other Outlook users without server. Work offline or online. Share different Folders (subfolders) with different groups of people. Create subscriptions for events, contacts lists. Share any custom forms of clients' data. Automatically synchronize your mail folders. Create your easy CRM. It's cost effective solution for your business.

See also: sharing, workgroup, team, project, management, calendar, contacts, task, folders, share, microsoft, outlook

Download ShareO for Outlook 2.40.0200 (Size: 6160 KB)Buy ShareO for Outlook 2.40.0200 (only $34.95)

PowerSearch 2.0.1

Search multiple files for multiple search terms at the same time via a very easy-to-use interface. Just point to the folder you want to search, provide a list of search terms, then select SEARCH. The results of your most recent search are saved to a file called FOUND.TXT. If you want to view, edit, or save it as another name, you have the opportunity to do so after the search process is complete, or you can select View Last Search Results.

See also: search folders, find multiple terms, find terms, search files, search several terms, search multiple terms, search tool, search list, search term list

Download PowerSearch 2.0.1 (Size: 426 KB)Buy PowerSearch 2.0.1 (only $12.98)

dtSearch Network with Spider 7.10

"Blindingly fast" (Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials) searching of terabytes of word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, XML, PDF, HTML, emails & more. *Over two dozen indexed, unindexed, fielded & full-text search options. *Highlights hits in retrieved files; for HTML & PDF, also displays embedded links & images. *Built-in Web Spider. See for more products & hundreds of reviews & develper case studies.

See also: Office documents, imaging, Outlook, email, Unicode, word processor, enterprise search, network, Office files, presentation files

Download dtSearch Network with Spider 7.10 (Size: 24572 KB)

Archive & Restore 1.1

Archive & Restore enables you to put away and save different versions of files and folders. Files are stored separately, either compressed or in their original format. The access will then be preserved by administrable archives with removable disk support, shell extension, search capabilities and links. Saved versions of a file are listed under its properties on an additional page - there you can open or restore a previous version quickly.

See also: gzip, find, search, manager, managing, manage, management, folders, folder, files, file, versioning, versions, version, saving, save, backup, archiving, archive

Download Archive & Restore 1.1 (Size: 1976 KB)Buy Archive & Restore 1.1 (only $29.00)

Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 1.11

Clone Tools is a powerful duplicate file finder, that helps you find and remove both identical copies and folders with similar contents. It uses a True byte by byte scan on any file format (images, music, mp3, jpg, doc, avi, divx). The unique feature of Clone Tools is that it not only helps you find duplicate files, it also finds and compares folders that contains these files, so you can remove whole folders. Free up disk space, safe and fast.

See also: duplicate, files, file, folders, folder, identical, scan, search, find, clone, remove, delete, copies, compare, clones, duplicates

Download Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 1.11 (Size: 6594 KB)Buy Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 1.11 (only $34.95)

Effective Notes Reminder 1.06

Effective Notes Reminder organizes all your colored notes into folders with reminders against them. You have rich text notes and picture editing tools. All records can be viewed via Agenda, that shows day, week, month, 2 months etc. The data can also be searched with filtering tools and also be searched via the use of a calendar. The reminder can be turned into sticky notes on your desktop. All records can be copied or moved to other sections

See also: organizer, diary, rich text notes, events, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, agenda, journal, reminder, pop up, search, tree view, folders, calendar, picture editing

Download Effective Notes Reminder 1.06 (Size: 3405 KB)

Organyze 2.1

Find files fast across folders, drives, disks and machines and emails in MS Outlook, find duplicates. Use Organyze to add labels, comments and bookmarks to Web pages as you download them and save them.Back up stuff online to keep it doubly safe. Synchronize folders between two machines along with all the labels and comments attached to the selected files and folders. Exchange messages with file attachments.

See also: Organyze 2.1, manage, files, folders, emails, finding, keyword search, sub-folders, retrieval, labels, back up, backup, synchronize, synchronise, synchronization, desktop, file management, document management, enterprise

Download Organyze 2.1 (Size: 26951 KB)Buy Organyze 2.1 (only $49.95)

Combine Outlook Archives 2.4

Are you wanted to merge multiple PST files into one PST file? SysTools has many products which assist you, one of the products like PST Merge Software will helps Outlook user to merge multiple Outlook PST files into one single PST folder. This Merge PST Program is extremely user friendly, any kind of technical skills are not requiring from your side to perform merging process. Outlook mail merge software supports all Windows and Outlook Version.

See also: combine outlook archives, combine outlook contacts, outlook merge pst files, outlook mail merge, merge outlook archive, combine pst, combine multiple pst files, outlook merge, merge personal folders, outlook data merge, join pst files, outlook merger

Download Combine Outlook Archives 2.4 (Size: 2560 KB)Buy Combine Outlook Archives 2.4 (only $69.00)

ANSI to Unicode Conversion 2.0

To convert Outlook 2000 PST to Outlook 2007 and to convert Outlook 2007 PST to Outlook XP try ANSI to Unicode conversion tool. This PST Conversion tool helps user to upgrade Outlook PST file folders to ANSI or Unicode PST format. Increase the size of Outlook PST files from 2GB to 20GB. You can browse Outlook PST file and convert ANSI to PST with just few clicks.

See also: ansi to unicode conversion, ansi to unicode format, convert outlook 2007 pst to outlook xp, outlook 2000 pst to outlook 2007, outlook upgrade pst, upgrade outlook pst file, upgrade outlook pst file folders, outlook ansi to unicode

Download ANSI to Unicode Conversion 2.0 (Size: 2856 KB)Buy ANSI to Unicode Conversion 2.0 (only $49.00)

Combine Outlook Contacts List 3.0

Combine Outlook contacts lists together through an advanced technique, which manage multiple PST files with a time saving way. Get a better PST management solution i.e. PST merge software to accomplish the task to combine Outlook contacts lists. One you merge contacts in Outlook, it become easy to synchronize PST tool to merge multiple PST files into single PST file.

See also: combine outlook contact lists, combine outlook contacts, outlook merge pst files, outlook mail merge, merge outlook archive, pst combiner, synchronize pst, synchronize outlook pst files, merge pst, merge personal folders

Download Combine Outlook Contacts List 3.0 (Size: 3379 KB)Buy Combine Outlook Contacts List 3.0 (only $69.00)

Merge PST Files Together 3.0

PST Merge software allows you to easily synchronize your multiple Outlook PST files into single PST file. This merge PST program provides you an easy way to merge all Outlook items like emails, inboxes, calendars, contacts, journals and attachments etc. into one PST. PST Merge new version now relieves all Outlook 2010, 2007 users who are using 64 bit Outlook version and provides you with an opportunity to merge PST files together.

See also: merge pst files together, synchronize outlook, synchronize outlook contacts, synchronize outlook emails, outlook synchronizing folders, synchronize outlook emails, synchronize outlook appointments, merge pst program, merge multiple outlook pst files

Download Merge PST Files Together 3.0 (Size: 3379 KB)Buy Merge PST Files Together 3.0 (only $69.00)

Outlook Combiner 3.0

Outlook Combiner software able to merge multiple collection of MS Outlook PST files in to one PST like journals, calendar, to-do list, contacts information, address book, emails attachments etc. The software you are looking for merge multiple PST files into single PST file is PST Merge. Try V3.0 which also support Outlook 2010 bit 64.

See also: outlook combiner, outlook merge pst files, synchronize outlook pst files, merge pst, combine pst file, pst merger, synchronize multiple folders, merge outlook data files, merge outlook contacts, join pst files, synchronize outlook

Download Outlook Combiner 3.0 (Size: 3389 KB)Buy Outlook Combiner 3.0 (only $69.00)

SysTools PST Compress 2.0

compact outlook archive Tool is the advance utility to compact outlook pst file and save the wasted space to compress & zip email attachments .SysTools PST Compress software quickly compact Outlook archive file & outlook compact folders .outlook compact software provide the multiple option like delete the attachments at the compression time or extract the attachments & save the attachments in a separate folder at the run time.

See also: systools pst compress, compact outlook pst, compact outlook pst file, outlook pst compact, compress outlook pst, compact outlook database, compact outlook archive, compact outlook archive file, outlook compact folders

Download SysTools PST Compress 2.0 (Size: 1484 KB)Buy SysTools PST Compress 2.0 (only $129.00)

Merge Multiple PST Files Outlook 3.1

Do you want to Synchronize Outlook PST contacts altogether? Synchronize Outlook PST Contacts with that help of 3rd party software that has built-in features to resolve your problems regarding management to merge multiple PST files Outlook. PST Merge support Outlook 2010 (64 bit) and merge all the items in various PST files like contacts, calendars, emails, to do list and journals etc. into one PST. It is very reliable and portable utility.

See also: merge multiple pst files outlook, outlook merge pst files, sync outlook pst, synchronize outlook pst, pst merge utility, merge outlook pst, merge pst folders, synchronize outlook pst files, pst merge free, pst merge freeware

Download Merge Multiple PST Files Outlook 3.1 (Size: 3993 KB)Buy Merge Multiple PST Files Outlook 3.1 (only $69.00)

Combine PST Files Outlook 2007 3.1

Combine PST Files Outlook 2007 utility gives you the opportunity to fully synchronize email messages of Outlook and quickly deliver all individual different PST items to your sing PST files, its being the perfect solutions for your PST Merge needs. It new 3.1 edition can merge journals, calendar, to-do list, contacts, email, address book etc into single PST. And it is compatible with all Outlook versions.

See also: combine pst files outlook 2007, outlook mail merge, synchronize outlook pst file, combine multiple pst files, merge two pst file, outlook merge pst files, combine outlook archive folders, combine outlook inboxes, merge outlook data files

Download Combine PST Files Outlook 2007 3.1 (Size: 3389 KB)Buy Combine PST Files Outlook 2007 3.1 (only $69.00)

Transfer folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook 9.3

Users can transfer folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook frequently with the three steps. Fulfill the dream in few seconds and open Lotus Notes files in Outlook environment. Attachments files, HTML Links, Text formatting, Images formatting is preserved by lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. By using our demo version, you definitely go with our complete process version, as we offered 100% data integrity.

See also: transfer folders from lotus notes to outlook, open lotus notes files in outlook, lotus notes to outlook conversion, copying mails from lotus to exchange, from lotus notes to outlook

Download Transfer folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook 9.3 (Size: 4505 KB)Buy Transfer folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook 9.3 (only $250.00)

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