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Outlook Conversion 1.0

Convert Outlook Mailbox to eml, msg, vcf, txt, rtf, html, mht with Outlook Conversion tool. This tool is designed to convert Outlook emails of both configured and orphan Outlook PST files. Software proves to be multi-purpose software that converts Outlook emails to multiple file formats: eml, msg, vcf, txt, rtf, html, mht. With Outlook Conversion software users can convert Outlook mailboxes to Outlook Express, Thunderbird & Lotus Notes.

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Download Outlook Conversion 1.0 (Size: 2352 KB)Buy Outlook Conversion 1.0 (only $49.00)

Outlook Conversion 2.0

Outlook Conversion Software is a best tool to change their working email application from PST files to any other file format like convert PST to EML files, convert PST to MSG files, convert PST to VCF files, convert PST to vCard files, convert PST to TXT files, convert PST to Text files, convert PST to HTML files, convert PST to Word files, convert PST to RTF & convert PST to MHT files. Converts emails, contacts, calendars & tasks items.

See also: outlook conversion, outlook conversion tool, outlook conversion software, convert pst to eml, convert pst to msg, convert pst to vcf, convert pst to vcard, convert pst to txt, convert pst to text, convert pst to html, convert pst to rtf, convert pst to mht

Download Outlook Conversion 2.0 (Size: 1914 KB)Buy Outlook Conversion 2.0 (only $49.00)

Multi-DB Querier 1.2

Multi-DB Querier allows running the same SQL queries on multiple databases with similar structure at once. If running query returns resulting table, it can be exported to file (TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, HTML, RTF, XLS). Connection parameters for each database are stored in the file of internal format, so if they are specified once, then there is no need to provide them again. The most important operations can be performed also via command line.

See also: Database, export, DBF, CSV, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, UDL, GDB, SQL, query, ADO, BDE, command line, TXT

Download Multi-DB Querier 1.2 (Size: 1065 KB)Buy Multi-DB Querier 1.2 (only $29.00)

Advanced File Joiner 1.1

Advanced File Joiner is a simple software to combine files. If you have downloaded several parts of a larger file split in smaller files you may join them together. Advanced File Joiner merges plain ASCII text files, combines some movie file formats like MPEG files of the same size, format and encoding. Note that the software does not work with file formats that contain header information, such as AVI, BMP, JPEG, DOC, MP3.

See also: file joiner, txt join, mpeg join, miltiple files, combine, files, merge, joins, mpeg, join, file, multiple file joiner

Download Advanced File Joiner 1.1 (Size: 347 KB)

Easy CHM 2.70

Create your first CHM help or CHM ebook files in 10 seconds with Easy CHM. Key features: Make CHM (Html Help) file by import folders and all sub folders. Automatically generate TOC and Index Item by parsing from title/filename/text of a specific line. Easy to use TOC editor support 'Search and replace in TOC items'. Convert any chm files to html freely. Convert htm/html/mht/picture and other files to CHM. Plenty of customized options

See also: make chm, create chm, chm converter, EASY CHM, EasyCHM, html to chm, htm to chm, txt to chm, generate chm, chm maker, convert chm, create microsoft html, help, generate html help, help file generator, chm creation tool, create compressed html-help

Download Easy CHM 2.70 (Size: 1579 KB)Buy Easy CHM 2.70 (only $35.00)

Text Files to PDF Convert Software 7.0

Create PDF files from your many text files without Adobe products. No complicated options. Files are not required to have txt extensions.

See also: editing, edit, output, writing, write, save, saving, copying, copy, creation, extract, extractor, moving, load, loading, into, command line, utilities, application, create, viewer, creator, .txt, batch, formatted, web, htm, html, rtf, rich text, adobe, acrobat, format, converting, converter, mass, import, file, txt, plain, send, form, .pdf, move, exporting, importing, export

Download Text Files to PDF Convert Software 7.0 (Size: 4218 KB)Buy Text Files to PDF Convert Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

HTML to Text Batch Convert Multiple Files Software 7.0

Quickly convert your many HTML files into text files. Load multiple .htm and .html files into the program and export them automatically in seconds. This program will strip off all unncessary html tags so that just the text content is saved.

See also: htm, txt, many, various, plain, filter, tags, extract, extracting, conversion, converter, import, export, importing, exporting, code, texts, format, formatting, ascii, asc, char, characters, change, changing, converting, switching, rich, rtf, editor, edit, inserting, creating, create, insert, make, making, writing, write, read, reading, output, saving, copying, save, copy, opening, open, strip tags, files, documents, web, www, html, parsing, tags, remove, fetch, manipulate, manip, strings, new, formed, stripping, display, data, near, one, two, three, four, zero, images, external, mass, cycle, loop, delimited, dir, directory, filename, textual, dynamic, static, link, linking, loader, loading, load, extract, exporter, importer, method, eliminating, reading, instead, problem, characters, words, texts, htmls, htms, hypertext, hyper, markup, language, msie, internet, microsoft, internet explorer, appending, adding, append, add, subtract, less, take out, cut out, exe, update, updating, view, viewing, small, different, large, big, tiny, long, short, webpage, web site, web, web address, web documents, messages, input, association, fulltext, full-text, hyperlinks, utilizing, utlity, application, app

Download HTML to Text Batch Convert Multiple Files Software 7.0 (Size: 524 KB)Buy HTML to Text Batch Convert Multiple Files Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

MS SQL Server Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0

Change case for values in MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 tables. Change to upper case, lower case, title case (proper case), and sentence case. The data found in each field of a table can be quickly converted.

See also: mssql, 2000, 2005, sqlserver, title case, sentence case, ucase, lcase, text, field, capitialization, capitalize, data, values, entries, rows, characters, convert, converting, converter, letters, force, txt, case sensitive, sensitivity, display, conversion, update, capital, capitol, caps, caps lock, find, finding, distinguish, distinguishing, table, import, imported, importing, importer, export, exporting, exported, exporter, string, function, lower-case, upper-case, title-case, proper-case, sentence-case, lowercase, uppercase, titlecase, sentencecase, forcing, first, last, database, 2000, 2003, 2007, msaccess, microsoft, autocorrection, names, keys, mixed, mix, format, lower-upper, enter, entering, low, upcase, lowcase, small, large, transform, query, queries, transforming, alter, edit, editing, altering, fixing, fix, modify, modification, repair

Download MS SQL Server Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0 (Size: 400 KB)Buy MS SQL Server Change Case to Proper, Upper & Lower Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

MS SQL Server Export Table To Text File Software 7.0

Save MS SQL Server tables to text or CSV files. In the resulting text file, each field (column) is delimited by a comma or other character, each row is delimited by a newline. You can choose which fields to save in the table.

See also: mssql, sql, csv, txt, file, 2000, 2003, 2007, output, database, tables, read, into, importing, exporting, converting, save, saving, reading, writing, write, copy, copying, field names, new, database, delimited, delimit, multiple, save as text file, html, vba, plaintext, plain, parsing, parse, fieldname, transfertext, records, hard drive, disk, programmatically, tab, space, append, appending, output, textfile, txt, odbc

Download MS SQL Server Export Table To Text File Software 7.0 (Size: 449 KB)Buy MS SQL Server Export Table To Text File Software 7.0 (only $19.82)

Data Recovery Doctor Memory Card

Memory card data salvage application is reliable solution to retrieve files lost due to various reasons including hardware malfunction, virus attack, improper uses of device, accidental deletion, human error etc. Data Doctor memory card recovery software can also recover all damaged data from logically crashed multimedia cards. Memory card photo rescue tool supports different types of memory cards like sD card, xD card, MMC etc.

See also: Memory, card, data, retrieval, multimedia, deleted, video, salvage, corrupted, audio, picture, recovery, lost, files, folders, restore, damaged, image, erased, directory, txt, mp3, doc, recover, application

Download Data Recovery Doctor Memory Card (Size: 1617 KB)Buy Data Recovery Doctor Memory Card (only $69.00)

PDF To Text Software 1.0

PDF To Text Software enables you to extract text from PDF files. Easy PDF To Text Software executes at very high speed and Converter has designed to save extracted text file at user define location. Features of PDF to Text Converter are 1. Supports PDF to Txt file conversion, 2. Convert batches of PDF files to Text files at one time, and 3. Processes the conversion with very high speed.

See also: Free PDF Converter, pdf to text, txt, extract txt from pdf, pdf to text, Acrobat, text, pdf converter, word, html, converter, convert pdf

Download PDF To Text Software 1.0 (Size: 960 KB)

PDF Convert 5.0

PDF Convert can Quickly convert 149 file formats to pdf File Format. Including Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX), Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Microsoft Visio (VSD), Microsoft Works (WDB, WPS, DOCX, XLSX), AutoCAD (DWG, DXF, DWF), CorelDraw (CDR), Corel Presentations (SHW), WordPerfect (WP5, WP6, WPD, WPF), WordStar (WS), DocuWorks (XDW), QuattroPro (WB1, WB2, WQ1), RTF,TXT, Htm, Html, BMP etc File Formats to PDF.

See also: PDF Converter, Word to PDF Converter, AutoCAD to PDF Converter, Excel to PDF Converter, PowerPoint to PDF Converter, CorelDraw to PDF Converter, WordPerfect to PDF Converter, RTF to PDF Converter, Txt to PDF Converter, Image to PDF Converter

Download PDF Convert 5.0 (Size: 46273 KB)Buy PDF Convert 5.0 (only $49.95)

MS Exchange OST to PST Outlook 4.0

MS Exchange OST to PST Outlook Converter now as a freeware for the users who want to convert exchange OST files with ease and simplicity. Exchange OST recovery software is the world famous tool for retrieving deleted OST mailbox data without harming or damaging OST file.

See also: exchange ost to pst, convert exchange ost files, exchange ost recovery, exchange ost to pst converter

Download MS Exchange OST to PST Outlook 4.0 (Size: 15006 KB)Buy MS Exchange OST to PST Outlook 4.0 (only $99.00)

Convert IncrediMail files to Outlook 6.0

Know full conversion for converting IncrediMail files to Outlook with the help of IncrediMail to Outlook Converter Tool that is very HOT conversion tool to Convert IncrediMail files to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. User can works on all Windows application - Windows 7, XP, 2000, Vista.

See also: convert incredimail files to outlook, incredimail files to outlook, convert incredimail files to pst, incredimail to outlook

Download Convert IncrediMail files to Outlook 6.0 (Size: 1771 KB)Buy Convert IncrediMail files to Outlook 6.0 (only $69.00)

Compress PST Files 10.03.01

Removing unnecessary space and attachments form emails is the easiest way to reduce the size of PST. Kernel for PST Compress and Compact performs both these actions in a convenient way and saves PST from crossing its size limit. Organizations as well as home users can use this tool to reduce PST size and to keep their Outlook free of troubles arising out of enlarged size. Before buying, you are advised to use the trial version of this software.

See also: compress pst files, compress outlook pst files, compress outlook pst, compress pst, compact pst, compact pst file, compress outlook pst

Download Compress PST Files 10.03.01 (Size: 2693 KB)Buy Compress PST Files 10.03.01 (only $99.00)

Convert OLM to PST Outlook 5.3

To overcome cost factor or compatibility issue with Mac, user can employ Windows apparatus OLM Converter to PST. This Outlook Mac Exporter works FREE of Cost at limit of 50 files and beyond this needs 129 USD only which is affordable for each user to Convert OLM to PST Outlook. Our OLM to PST Software works perfectly with each Windows edition change Mac OLM to Microsoft Outlook Windows in blink of eyes.

See also: convert olm to pst outlook, olm to pst, outlook mac exporter, olm to ms outlook, olm to pst convert, olm to pst converter, olm file converter, olm converter to pst, convert outlook for mac contacts, convert outlook for mac calendars

Download Convert OLM to PST Outlook 5.3 (Size: 6246 KB)Buy Convert OLM to PST Outlook 5.3 (only $129.00)

Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1

To export public folder database from Exchange server 2003 to Outlook PST could have become simple enough by using Exchange conversion software. It can export unlimited EDB data into PST file. Application supports Exchange versions (5.0 to 2010) and Outlook (98 to 2010) etc. It also recovers damaged, corrupted or inaccessible public folder database from Exchange server 2003.

See also: export, public, folders, exchange, 2003, pst

Download Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1 (only $299.00)

Repair OST File 3.6

OST Repair Utility repairs your all OST files to PST format with our OST Recovery Software. OST to PST Repair Software is an especially trouble-free utility to use and it is easily converted and repair OST file into PST file. Try now free demo edition and checked its functionality.

See also: repair ost file, ost to pst repair, repair ost to pst, repair ost in pst, ost file repair, ost repair, repair ost file software

Download Repair OST File 3.6 (Size: 3010 KB)Buy Repair OST File 3.6 (only $99.00)

Import Emails from Outlook 2011 to PST 5.4

Outlook 2011 commonly known as Mac Outlook and the software import Outlook 2011 Mac, Means it is an OLM converter which convert the OLM file into three different format and can be access by windows applications and mail client. It transfer all the data present in the OLM file if user wants to import emails from Outlook 2011 to PST he can select only Emails to convert in PST. This software also converts other option of the OLM file.

See also: import emails from outlook 2011 to pst, import outlook 2011 mac, outlook 2011 to pst outlook, olm to pst, olm converter, olm to eml migrator, olm to pst outlook 2013

Download Import Emails from Outlook 2011 to PST 5.4 (Size: 15527 KB)Buy Import Emails from Outlook 2011 to PST 5.4 (only $129.00)

New Convert OST to PST Free Tool 3.7

Convert OST to PST software restoring damaged emails contents such as journals, calendar, emails contacts, notes and other including filed form OST files. This software save recover items in three structure formats such as PST, EML and MSG.

See also: convert ost pst, fix ost2pst, convert .ost to .pst, ost to pst, ost to pst converter, ost to pst conversion, recover ost to pst

Download New Convert OST to PST Free Tool 3.7 (Size: 3010 KB)Buy New Convert OST to PST Free Tool 3.7 (only $99.00)

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