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MAPILab Share`n`Sync 1.0.1

MAPILab Share`n`Sync is designed to solve two tasks: synchronizing Outlook folders on several computers and organizing shared access to Microsoft Outlook folders for small companies. The product supports all types of Microsoft Outlook folders and items: email messages, contacts, notes, calendar, etc.

See also: sync pst, outlook add-in, microsoft outlook, outlook shared access, ms outlook, outlook synchronization, public folders

Download MAPILab Share`n`Sync 1.0.1 (Size: 2081 KB)Buy MAPILab Share`n`Sync 1.0.1 (only $49.00)

QSearchFolders 1.0

QSearchFolders creates Search Folders and manage existing search folders in all versions of MS Outlook and in each place in your Outlook folder list. It makes the automatic scanning of Outlook folder such as email and contacts, tasks, calendars possible. Search Folders are a way to gather email messages and other Microsoft Outlook items into folders based on your search criteria independently of where they are put down.

See also: Personal folders, Share folders, Share Outlook, Outlook Groupware, Outlook sharing, Search folder, Outllook folder list, Search folders, Outlook folder management, Outlook search folder, Outlook Public files, Outlook team, Sharing pst

Download QSearchFolders 1.0 (Size: 1017 KB)Buy QSearchFolders 1.0 (only $48.53)

ShareCalendar 2.30.0142

Share MS Outlook Calendar Folders without a server. Share different Calendar folders with different group of people. "Subscribe" your folders' data for your clients. Share Microsoft Outlook Calendars with your own custom forms and imported items. Work offline or online. Labels (colors) sharing in appointments sharing. You can synchronize shared Outlook items with your PDA or Palm device. Synchronize Outlook data between your desktop PC and laptop

See also: outlook addins, outlook, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook Calendars, Outlook Net Folders, Public Outlook, Workgroup Calendar, calendar sharing, group calendar, Microsoft exchange, outlook calendar share, outlook calendar sharing

Download ShareCalendar 2.30.0142 (Size: 6071 KB)Buy ShareCalendar 2.30.0142 (only $24.95)

Advanced Folders Watch 1.2

Advanced Folders Watch watches the specified folder groups of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, informs the user of new messages meeting certain selection criteria (filters). User notification can be passive or active. In the first instance, AFW creates posts in the specified folder, containing links to the messages found and message texts. In the second instance, the messages found are shown in a pop-up window with many features.

See also: public folders, new post, new message, watch, monitoring, outlook software, plugin, addon, addin, outlook, msoutlook, rules

Download Advanced Folders Watch 1.2 (Size: 1478 KB)Buy Advanced Folders Watch 1.2 (only $24.00)

Attachment Analyser 2006

Analyse attachments and e-mail in your mailboxes, public folders or personal folder files. This free analyser will provide you with html reports you can use to help identify potential problem areas with respect to attachments within your e-mail system. Feel free to distribute this analyser to friends and colleagues.

See also: Exchange, attachments, e-mail, mailboxes, public folders, personal folder files, Outlook, messages

Download Attachment Analyser 2006 (Size: 1620 KB)

MAPILab Groupware Server 1.2.1

This product is intended to be used with an office local area network and is developed according to client-server technology. Product provides real-time access to shared message folders stored on the server. From a cliental point of view, folders on MAPILab Groupware Server look and behave exactly the same as folders on Microsoft Exchange Server: the moment someone creates a new note in the folder, you will see it at your place.

See also: msoutlook, share outlook, groupware server, how to share outlook, netfolders, personal folders, team folders, pst sharing, public folders, share pst, sharing outlook, groupware, workgroupfolders, sharing microsoft outlook, pst

Download MAPILab Groupware Server 1.2.1 (Size: 3619 KB)Buy MAPILab Groupware Server 1.2.1 (only $49.00)

Export Exchange Public Folders to PST 4.1

Through getting this amazing Export Exchange Public folders to PST software Exchange user can brilliantly recover or export mailboxes from Exchange server machine in .edb file format including - Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Draft, Deleted items, user created folder etc in appropriate manner. Exchange EDB to PST utility smoothly works on following Exchange server versions- 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5, 5.0.

See also: export exchange public folders to pst, repair corrupt edb file, exchange data recovery, convert pub1.edb to pst, restore exchange mailbox

Download Export Exchange Public Folders to PST 4.1 (Size: 5683 KB)Buy Export Exchange Public Folders to PST 4.1 (only $299.00)

Restore Exchange 2010 Public Folder 4.1

User can restore Exchange 2010 public folder, database with restore EDB tool. With the this amazing software, user can work with any version of Exchange file without losing any original database after completion of restoring Exchange 2010 public folders process. Moreover many users using this restoring calendar Exchange 2010 tool for conversion of healthy file in updated version.

See also: restore exchange 2010 public folder, restore public folder edb exchange 2010, restoring exchange 2010 public folders, restoring calendar exchange 2010

Download Restore Exchange 2010 Public Folder 4.1 (Size: 5686 KB)Buy Restore Exchange 2010 Public Folder 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange Public Folder in Thunderbird 1.0

Export Exchange Public Folder in Thunderbird client without any complexion. This Tool easily transfer Exchange server shared folders into Thunderbird mailbox. You can shift Exchange server public folder information into Thunderbird.

See also: transfer, export, migrate, convert, exchange public folders in thunderbird

Download Exchange Public Folder in Thunderbird 1.0 (Size: 1451 KB)Buy Exchange Public Folder in Thunderbird 1.0 (only $199.00)

Move Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 4.1

Moving Exchange 2007 mailboxes to Exchange 2010 is one of the most simple process through Exchange Recovery Tool. The software allows its users to carry out the process of conversion of both corrupt as well as healthy EDB files into New Server with the complete information and details of the EDB files.

See also: move exchange 2007 to exchange 2010, moving exchange 2007 mailboxes to exchange 2010, moving public folders exchange 2007 to exchange 2010, move mailbox database from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010

Download Move Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 4.1 (Size: 5686 KB)Buy Move Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 4.1 (only $299.00)

Convert Exchange 2003 Database to PST 4.1

With the help of Exchange EDB to PST conversion software users are able to convert Exchange mailbox to PST 2007 in an easy way. Tool converts single as well multiple mailbox data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, notes, journals or to-do lists etc without making any changes to original file format. It can also convert EDB data into PST in bulk very smoothly.

See also: convert exchange 2003 database to pst, convert exchange edb file to pst, convert exchange mailbox to pst 2007, move exchange contacts to pst, exchange 2010 convert public folders

Download Convert Exchange 2003 Database to PST 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Convert Exchange 2003 Database to PST 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange Server Recovery 4.1

Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery performs When Microsoft Exchange database has been corrupted, damaged or inaccessible by users then quick recovery of corrupted database is required as soon as possible. The recovery could have possible with the help of MS Exchange mailbox recovery Tool. Tool recovers single or multiple mailbox data items at single instance of a time. Software can also convert their corrupted EDB files into new Exchange server.

See also: ms exchange server recovery, exchange edb file recovery, ms exchange mailbox recovery, recover microsoft exchange email, exchange public folders recovery

Download Exchange Server Recovery 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange Server Recovery 4.1 (only $299.00)

Extract Public Folders from EDB File 4.1

Exchange recovery software has the ability to repair damaged Exchange server mailbox database without any changes to original coding of the file. With this software user can effectively export mailbox data from EDB file into Outlook PST file. This software gives you free demo version for judging the software worthiness.

See also: extract public folders from edb file, recover, repair, open, convert, move, migrate

Download Extract Public Folders from EDB File 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Extract Public Folders from EDB File 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Explorer 4.1

The Exchange mailbox recovery software has proved itself a perfect recovery program that allows user to view mailbox database Exchange 2010. It shows the preview of all mailbox data items after recovery or before conversion of EDB files. User can explore or view even those mailboxes which are encrypted or password protected by means of other spyware software's.

See also: exchange 2010 mailbox explorer, explore exchange edb file, view mailbox database exchange 2010, view emails exchange 2010, view exchange public folders

Download Exchange 2010 Mailbox Explorer 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2010 Mailbox Explorer 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange 2003 Convert Mailbox to PST 4.1

Easily convert Exchange 2007 EDB to PST file by using Exchange EDB converter. It converts all public or private data of each user into Outlook PST file in the same manner as file was before corruption. Program also helps to convert password protected EDB files into PST. It performs very well to recover data even if the Exchange server database goes down because of server errors or virus attacks.

See also: exchange 2003 convert mailbox to pst, convert exchange 2007 edb to pst, convert public folders exchange 2010, exchange edb to pst conversion

Download Exchange 2003 Convert Mailbox to PST 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2003 Convert Mailbox to PST 4.1 (only $299.00)

Migrate Public Folders from 2007 to 2010 4.1

If you have query that how to migrate Exchange database to another Exchange server then try Exchange Recovery software. It recovers all emails with entire items without harm the original structure of folder or their database. All old as well as new Exchange editions smoothly supported this software.

See also: migrate public folders from 2007 to 2010, move, database, recover, emails

Download Migrate Public Folders from 2007 to 2010 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Migrate Public Folders from 2007 to 2010 4.1 (only $299.00)

Exchange 2010 Public Folders Recovery 4.1

Repair inaccessible EDB mailbox by EDB Extractor application. Through this software user can transfer EDB data into PST format after completing recovery process. This application is especially made for those users who suffer Exchange serve corruption problem day by day.

See also: exchange 2010 public folders recovery, repair, extract, migrate, export

Download Exchange 2010 Public Folders Recovery 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Exchange 2010 Public Folders Recovery 4.1 (only $299.00)

Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1

To export public folder database from Exchange server 2003 to Outlook PST could have become simple enough by using Exchange conversion software. It can export unlimited EDB data into PST file. Application supports Exchange versions (5.0 to 2010) and Outlook (98 to 2010) etc. It also recovers damaged, corrupted or inaccessible public folder database from Exchange server 2003.

See also: export, public, folders, exchange, 2003, pst

Download Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1 (Size: 5531 KB)Buy Export Public Folders Exchange 2003 4.1 (only $299.00)

MBS Disk Space Analyzer 1.3

If you want to find out and clean unwanted, temporary and junk files on your hard disk. If you want to view your disk space utilization in various formats where you can see how actually your disk space is being used, then this powerful tool is for you. Analysis data can be exported in various formats (HTML,XML,ASCII,CSV)

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Download MBS Disk Space Analyzer 1.3 (Size: 660 KB)Buy MBS Disk Space Analyzer 1.3 (only $19.95)

iPod Photo Recovery

Non-Destructive iPod Data retrieval software utility to recover and retrieve music, pictures, video files and folders Mp3, Photo, songs, images, lost due to accidental deletion, format, corruption, improper restoration, damaged file system from corrupted frozen iPod memory accidentally formatted or data Reset performed by Apple Macintosh OSX or by Windows from iPod shuffle iPod Mini iPod first generation iPod Nano and other Equivalent Devices.

See also: iPod, Data retrieval, recover, retrieve, Apple, Macintosh, OSX, shuffle, Mini, Nano music, pictures, video, files, folders, Mp3, Photo, songs, images, lost, accidental, deletion, format, corruption, restoration, damaged, memory

Download iPod Photo Recovery (Size: 5061 KB)Buy iPod Photo Recovery (only $45.00)

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