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SQL Admin Studio 2.1.2018

SQL Admin Studio is a complete Database Management & Design Environment for SQL Server, MSDE, Express, Access & MySQL. Features ? Schema Explorer, Backup & Restore, Query Designer, Full Display Script Editor with Syntax Highlighting, Intellisense, Table Designer, Code Templates, Indexes, Constraints, Foreign Keys and more.

See also: SQL Database Admin Manager SQL Server MSDE MySQL Access Express

Download SQL Admin Studio 2.1.2018 (Size: 3998 KB)Buy SQL Admin Studio 2.1.2018 (only $20.00)

Apex SQL Log 1.86

Apex SQL Log is a powerful SQL database auditing tool that analyzes SQL Server's own Transaction Log to display information on data and structural changes. Since Apex SQL Log reads the Transaction Log, no database overhead is required and audits can be done on changes made even before the SQL log tool was installed. Currently Apex SQL Log reads database back-up files and processes them into readable information.

See also: transaction log, database, microsoft sql, sql tool, ms sql server, log, sql server audit, sql auditing, sql audit, ms sql

Download Apex SQL Log 1.86 (Size: 5561 KB)Buy Apex SQL Log 1.86 (only $699.00)

ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0

ADO.NET Express is an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements. It supports C#/VB and SQL Server/Oracle. You can browse schema objects such as tables and stored procedures. You can right click on a schema object to generate ADO.NET code for this object. For example, you can generate a C# method that executes the stored procedure and returns a DataReader.

See also: generator, code, source, oracle, sql server, visual basic, add in, visual studio, stored procedure

Download ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0 (Size: 397 KB)Buy ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0 (only $29.95)

ExamXML 4.12

The ExamXML is an easy-to-use program used to compare two or more XML documents, detecting changes between XML files and saving differences. ExamXML displays the XML documents in tree view highlighting differences between XML documents and ExamXML contains functionality to save XML fragments to a file.This program contains functionality to convert XML to CSV and CSV to XML.ExamXML can compare data from sources of many types such as XML, CSV, SQL

See also: import from Excel (csv), compare XML documents, import data from SQL server, merge XML files, compare XML and CSV files, XML file comparison, XML comparison, XML differences, ExamXML, export to Excel (csv), converting XML to CSV, comparing and merging

Download ExamXML 4.12 (Size: 457 KB)Buy ExamXML 4.12 (only $29.00)

Toad for SQL Server 2.0

Toad for SQL Server empowers SQL Server developers and administrators develop code more efficiently. It also provides utilities to compare, extract and search for objects, manage projects, import/export data and administer the database. Toad for MySQL increases developer productivity and offers access to a solid community of experts and peers for interactive support.

See also: administration, development, database, SQL Server

Download Toad for SQL Server 2.0 (Size: 37055 KB)

SQL Data Examiner 1.0

SQL Data Examiner is an easy-to-use tool that compares and synchronizes the contents of Microsoft SQL Server databases. It enables the user to merge selected databases with just a few mouse clicks and saves hours of tedious manual work. The comparison results are displayed in a user-friendly way. The tool handles all the routine work, thus allowing the user to focus on the main tasks of design and development.

See also: database, comparison, synchronization, MSSQL, SQL, SQL Server, compare, synchronize, schema

Download SQL Data Examiner 1.0 (Size: 4303 KB)Buy SQL Data Examiner 1.0 (only $199.95)

MDB2SQL Professional 2.1.38

MDB2SQL automates Microsoft SQL Server support for Microsoft Access-based applications without the need to rewrite your existing code. MDB2SQL can quickly and cost-effectively convert your Access (.mdb) databases to use SQL Server ? without changing or writing a single line of code, or relying on cumbersome third-party data migration tools and database drivers.

See also: MS SQL Server, MS Access, migration

Download MDB2SQL Professional 2.1.38 (Size: 1526 KB)Buy MDB2SQL Professional 2.1.38 (only $199.99)

EMS Data Generator 2005 for SQL Server 2.2

EMS Data Generator for SQL Server is a powerful utility for generating test data to several Microsoft SQL database tables at once. The wizard application allows you to define tables for generating data, set value ranges, generate char fields and blobs, and many more features to generate test data in a most simple and direct way. It also provides you console application, which allows you to generate data in one-touch by using generation templates.

See also: EMS, data, generator, SQL, server, mssql, microsoft, database, sqlmanager, generate, generating, creating, table, value, field, template, test, GUI, HiTech

Download EMS Data Generator 2005 for SQL Server 2.2 (Size: 2949 KB)Buy EMS Data Generator 2005 for SQL Server 2.2 (only $65.00)

Database Recovery Software for SQL 4.7

Suitable database recovery software for SQL from SysTools to recover and repair SQL file free & to recover data in the good possible extent. Database recovery software for SQL is a cost effective SQL recovery tool to recover data from MDF file of SQL 2008/2005/2000. You can easily get answer of your question - "how to recover data from SQL Server?" using SysTools SQL Recovery software.

See also: database recovery software for sql, database recovery sql server, sql database recovery software, how to recover data from sql server, recover database from mdf file, repair sql database file, recover sql database, restore sql database, sql recovery

Download Database Recovery Software for SQL 4.7 (Size: 1853 KB)Buy Database Recovery Software for SQL 4.7 (only $99.00)

Repair SQL Server 7.08.01

Repair SQL tool aims at repairing corrupt, damaged or inaccessible .MDF database file in most time effective and convenient manner and let the user sit at ease.

See also: repair sql, repair sql server, sql database repair, sql database recovery, sql recovery, mdf recovery, mdf repair, ms sql repair, sql server recovery

Download Repair SQL Server 7.08.01 (Size: 2078 KB)Buy Repair SQL Server 7.08.01 (only $299.00)

Repair SQL Database Free 1.0

Try Repair SQL Database Free application if you encounter problems during the repair SQL database, apart the usage of backup copies, the service of data recovery also provides very good results in the most cases. This program is really easy to use and it can be applied on all computers in the local area network, there is no need to install Repair SQL Database Free on the database in question.

See also: Repair SQL database, Repair SQL server database, How to Repair SQL database, SQL database Repair tool, SQL server database Repair, Repair SQL 2005 database, Repair database SQL server, SQL server Repair database, Repair database SQL

Download Repair SQL Database Free 1.0 (Size: 1928 KB)

Fix Table Suspect Status 5.0

SQL users can easily solve their query that how to recover corrupt SQL database? You can easily recover SQL Server database and fix table suspect status behavior and save the recovered file in .str format. Know how to recover corrupt SQL Database and fix table suspect status by using SQL recovery software which is available at the rate of $129 for running on single machine.

See also: fix table suspect status, sql recovery software, recover sql server database, how to recover corrupt sql database, fix sql error, how to open sql database

Download Fix Table Suspect Status 5.0 (Size: 4096 KB)Buy Fix Table Suspect Status 5.0 (only $129.00)

Visual Importer ETL Standard

Visual Importer loads data into ANY Database from ANY Database or file. Full support for Excel, Access, DBF, XML and Text files, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or any ODBC compliant database. Great performance - thousands of records per second.

See also: Load Data into the database, DTS, SSIS, ETL, Oracle, MS Sql server, BCP, sql loader, ODBC, Datawarehouse, Oracle Warehouse Builder

Download Visual Importer ETL Standard (Size: 6949 KB)Buy Visual Importer ETL Standard (only $100.00)

MDF Repair Software Freeware 5.3

SQL MDF Repair Tool is available for recovering damaged SQL server database and for retrieval of SQL file elements from corrupted SQL Server. MDF Repair Software can be used for repairing of mdf file repairing process and for retrieval of mdf file elements from corrupted SQL server. SQL MDF Repairing is needed when there is corruption in the SQL Server database. Get the full version of MDF Repair Software at reasonable rate.

See also: mdf repair software freeware, sql recovery, sql mdf repair, recovering damaged sql server database, ms sql repair

Download MDF Repair Software Freeware 5.3 (Size: 2508 KB)Buy MDF Repair Software Freeware 5.3 (only $129.00)

SQL Server Repair 11.07.01

With free to download version of Kernel for SQL server you can efficiently analyze whether the tool is able to do SQL server repair efficiently or not. It is exactly the same as full version but being a demo version does not let you to save the SQL server repair files at the desired location.

See also: sql server repair, sql recovery, sql database recovery, repair corrupt sql database, recover sql database, repair mdf database, mdf database recovery, recover mdf database

Download SQL Server Repair 11.07.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy SQL Server Repair 11.07.01 (only $299.00)

Repair MDF Tool 11.07.01

With the help of a professional, efficient and result-oriented repair MDF tool, you can easily and almost effortlessly repair damaged and corrupt MDF files.

See also: repair mdf tool, repair mdf, repair mdf file, mdf file repair, mdf file recovery, sql recovery, sql database recovery, sql server recover

Download Repair MDF Tool 11.07.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy Repair MDF Tool 11.07.01 (only $299.00)

SQL Server Recovery Tool 11.07.01

SQL server recovery tool flawlessly repairs corrupt SQL database. Moreover, Microsoft SQL server backup files can also be recovered with it. This software is also suitable for corrupt large database, deleted records and partly damaged records.

See also: sql recovery, sql server recovery, mdf repair, mdf recovery, mdf data recovery, sql recovery tool, sql server recovery tool, ms sql recovery, ms sql server recovery

Download SQL Server Recovery Tool 11.07.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy SQL Server Recovery Tool 11.07.01 (only $299.00)

SQL Server Password Changer 1.3

SQL Server Password Changer is a handy password recovery tool to change or reset your lost SA or other user passwords for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008. Quickly decrypt the SQL Server database file (master.mdf) and display all user accounts, enable you to reset any user or administrative password. Unlock password-protected databases instantly! No need to reinstall SQL Server.

See also: account, unlock, forgotten, lost, ms sql server, change, recover, reset, password, database, sql server password recovery, change sql server password, change sa password, reset sa password, reset sql server password, sql server password, sql server

Download SQL Server Password Changer 1.3 (Size: 564 KB)Buy SQL Server Password Changer 1.3 (only $49.95)

SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01

Slow performance of SQL server is now a very common issue which is usually reported by SQL server administrators. In fact, handling large size of SQL server database is not an easy task and needs expertise. If you are facing problems due to large SQL server database then don?t get worried because Lepide SQL storage manager tool has been launched to simplify all your complexities.

See also: sql server monitoring software, sql storage manager, sql storage management, manage sql storage, ms sql storage manager, sql server monitoring

Download SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01 (Size: 21401 KB)Buy SQL Server Monitoring Software 12.06.01 (only $499.00)

ApexSQL Build 2012.01

ApexSQL Build builds or updates existing DB's creating deployment SQL scripts, C# packages or .NET executables. It creates deployment scripts, packages and executables from SQL scripts, script folders, snapshots or source control, consolidates multiple scripts into a single SQL script, C# package or .NET executable.

See also: sql build, sql server, database build, deploy sql database, database tools, build sql database, update sql database, database software, deploy sql objects

Download ApexSQL Build 2012.01 (Size: 11056 KB)Buy ApexSQL Build 2012.01 (only $374.00)

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