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GoodContacts 1.1.0 is now offering its Outlook and Outlook Express plug-in FREE to all, enabling users to automatically update their contact lists. Telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses change all the time -- ensure you keep up to date automatically with GoodContacts. The plug-in also allows users to search for anyone using the database of over 35 million users. Rated 5 Cows on and 4 1/2 Stars on!

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Download GoodContacts 1.1.0 (Size: 2085 KB)

Actual Contacts for Outlook 2.1

Actual Contacts for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for validating and updating your address book. Select contacts and ACO will send them a message containing a form. The respondents will be able to update the data in your address book by filling out the form and sending it back to you. E-mail addresses in your Microsoft Outlook address book can be verified with just a few mouse clicks.

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Download Actual Contacts for Outlook 2.1 (Size: 3369 KB)Buy Actual Contacts for Outlook 2.1 (only $24.00)

ContactsCollector 1.10

ContactsCollector automatically adds people you correspond with to your Address Book: it checks your outgoing mail for a new email addresses, retrieves the new contact name that corresponds to the email address, and adds the contact. As simple as that. It saves you plenty of time and effort updating your Address Book. You can easily recollect contacts from messages you have sent before by selecting a folder or messages, and then starting search.

See also: contacts, business, update, collect, corresponds, folder, mail, outgoing, Book, saves, Outlook, automatically, checks, email, new, messages, Address, Contacts, managment, add-in, check, inbox, message, save, contact, correspond, extract

Download ContactsCollector 1.10 (Size: 2878 KB)Buy ContactsCollector 1.10 (only $13.95)

Cell Phones Text SMS

Bulk sms software is text messaging programs that allows you to send notification, invitation and news update without internet from computer connected via GSM mobile. Just visit website URL and get Cell Phones Text SMS which supports unicode language for forwarding messages in any format.

See also: Bulk, text, messaging, creates, send, notification, job, alert, worldwide, GSM, cell, phone, compose, forward, sms, news, update, group, contacts, mobile, handset, delay, delivery, manage, broadcasting, load

Download Cell Phones Text SMS (Size: 6307 KB)Buy Cell Phones Text SMS (only $49.00)

MP3 Player Sync to PC Software 6.0

Use this program to load MP3 files from your PC to your MP3 Player. As long as your MP3 Player appears as a drive when connected to your PC, you can synchronize your files.

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Download MP3 Player Sync to PC Software 6.0 (Size: 390 KB)Buy MP3 Player Sync to PC Software 6.0 (only $19.82)

Public SyncTool 1.1

Synchronise your Outlook with your Notebook Public SyncTool provides a powerful synchronization, enabling consumers to keep all of their information, calendars, e-mail, contacts and tasks constantly up-to-date between a PC and a Notebook. Includes conflict resolution feature if both items on the PC and Notebook will be changed or if any items will be deleted. Support a synchronization between Exchange or Public ShareFolder and PST files.

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Download Public SyncTool 1.1 (Size: 1229 KB)Buy Public SyncTool 1.1 (only $56.00)

Notes Address Book Converter 1.0

Export Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook contacts using SysTools Notes Address Book Converter. SysTools Notes Address Book Converter Software is a Best Lotus Notes Address Book Conversion Tool that efficiently supports to convert & export Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook. Software is designed to convert names.nsf to Outlook PST. Notes Address Book Converter successfully convert or migrate password protected Lotus Notes Address Book.

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Download Notes Address Book Converter 1.0 (Size: 2352 KB)Buy Notes Address Book Converter 1.0 (only $129.00)

Excel to Outlook Contacts 2.0

Excel to Outlook tool successfully process the conversion of Excel file to Outlook Contacts. Excel to Outlook software is an easy to use migration tool with no standard way to create a excel file software easily reads all excel files details and allows you to map found Excel columns to Outlook contacts fields for desired conversion results with the help of few clicks.

See also: excel to outlook contacts, convert excel to outlook, convert excel to outlook contacts, excel to outlook address book, export excel to outlook, export excel file to outlook contacts, transfer excel to outlook, xls to outlook, xls to pst

Download Excel to Outlook Contacts 2.0 (Size: 2191 KB)Buy Excel to Outlook Contacts 2.0 (only $49.00)

Rendezvous Groupware Suite 1.0

Open source web-based Collaboration Suite including Webmail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Project Management, Documents, RSS reader, Mobile Access, Over-the-air SyncML synchronization, Outlook integration, WebDAV access and a rich AJAX interface.

See also: groupware, collaboration, suite, webmail, e-mail, calendar, ajax, document, projects, webdav, rss, contacts, syncml

Download Rendezvous Groupware Suite 1.0 (Size: 100653 KB)

Remove Duplicate Outlook Contacts 1.0

Everybody who works with Microsoft Outlook knows that there may be a situation where outlook contacts get duplicated & finding & removing duplicates in MS Outlook manually may be time consuming & hard work indeed. You can use SysTools Duplicate Outlook Contacts Remover addin to delete Outlook duplicate contacts based on first name, last name, email address, state, city etc from all PST files configured in MS Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003 or 2007.

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Download Remove Duplicate Outlook Contacts 1.0 (Size: 1730 KB)Buy Remove Duplicate Outlook Contacts 1.0 (only $29.00)

Notes Contacts to Outlook Conversion 7.0

NAB Export is unique and extensively accepted software athwart the world due to its 100% pleasing outcome. Notes Contacts to Outlook Conversion at SysTools is the single solution to convert Notes contacts to Outlook, names.nsf to .vcf and also names.nsf to.xls. Convert Notes contacts and groups to Outlook. Convert Notes contacts to Excel even if you were encountering errors like: "You are not authorized to perform that operation: ...names.nsf"

See also: notes contacts to outlook conversion, convert notes contacts to outlook, migrate notes contacts to outlook, notes address book converter, lotus notes contacts to outlook conversion, names.nsf to .vcf, names.nsf to .xls, notes contacts to excel

Download Notes Contacts to Outlook Conversion 7.0 (Size: 3031 KB)Buy Notes Contacts to Outlook Conversion 7.0 (only $99.00)

Outlook Duplicate Remover 10.02.01

Outlook duplicate remover is devised to remove duplicate emails items from your PST file so that you do not come across performance issues with MS Outlook. After locating the duplicate email items, you can delete the duplicate items permanently, mark them expired, move to ?Deleted Items? folder, flag them up, copy them to another folder or move them to sub folder.

See also: outlook duplicate remover, remove outlook duplicate, remove outlook duplicates, remove duplicate emails, remove duplicate contacts

Download Outlook Duplicate Remover 10.02.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy Outlook Duplicate Remover 10.02.01 (only $29.00)

iPhone Contacts Recovery( Windows & Mac) 2.0

iPhone contacts recovery tool is incredibly capable to recover as well as restore back your iPhone contacts along with SMS, videos, songs and other applications in an effective way. It is incorporated with GUI which supports multiple languages so that you can choose the language as per your suitability. Iphone contacts recovery tool creates iPhone backup and then restores the contacts from the backup files to access to your important contacts.

See also: iPhone contacts Recovery, recover iPhone contacts

Download iPhone Contacts Recovery( Windows & Mac) 2.0 (Size: 3 KB)Buy iPhone Contacts Recovery( Windows & Mac) 2.0 (only $29.95)

iPhone 3gs recovery(Windows & Mac) 2.0

The iPhone recovery is only possible with the backup created with the help of the backup tool. It is one of the most efficient tool to backup and restore lost or damaged iPhone data. With the help of this utility you can keep backup of your iPhone text messages, contacts, trash, notes, etc and whenever you require it in future, you can restore it from this backup utility. It restores iPhone 3gs data securely with hassle free procedure.

See also: iPhone 3gs recovery, iPhone 3gs contacts recovery, iPhone 3gs SMS recovery, iPhone 3gs email recovery

Download iPhone 3gs recovery(Windows & Mac) 2.0 (Size: 3 KB)Buy iPhone 3gs recovery(Windows & Mac) 2.0 (only $29.95)

Mass Import vCards into Outlook 3.9

Mass Import vCards into Outlook in single shot as batch process using vCard Import tool. Use vCard Converter to Mass Import VCF into Outlook with correct contact details like name, address, emails ID, website, company, job profile, phone, details. Use vCard Converter to flawlessly transfer vCard having multiple contact entries to Outlook.

See also: mass import vcards into outlook, bulk import vcards into outlook, batch import vcards into outlook, vcard import, mass import contacts into outlook, mass import vcf into outlook, vcard importer

Download Mass Import vCards into Outlook 3.9 (Size: 1257 KB)Buy Mass Import vCards into Outlook 3.9 (only $49.00)

Merge Outlook Calendar 2.5

Merge Outlook Calendar is reliable, simple and result oriented tool to synchronize multiple Outlook items into single PST. You can make Outlook calendar sharing and Outlook group calendar scheduling easy after utilize SysTools PST Merge Software. Merge PST able to merge MS Outlook journals, calendar, to-do list, email, contacts etc to one PST. Free trial is also available download from our site and tries to merge five PST files.

See also: merge outlook calendars, combine outlook contacts, combine multiple pst files, synchronize pst files, join multiple pst files, outlook mail merge, synchronize outlook pst files, merge two pst files, how to merge outlook files, merge personal folders

Download Merge Outlook Calendar 2.5 (Size: 2560 KB)Buy Merge Outlook Calendar 2.5 (only $69.00)

Export Contacts from Exchange to Outlook 2.0

Export contacts from Exchange to Outlook when exchange server is functioning live can be now done with Export contacts from EDB file software. The software not export outlook from Exchange server but also emails, attachments, tasks etc. Export Exchange Contacts to Outlook process is simple to carry out the process and is best suited with all the version of Exchange, Outlook and Windows.

See also: export contacts from exchange to outlook, export contacts from edb, export outlook contacts from exchange server, export exchange contacts to outlook, export exchange contacts to pst

Download Export Contacts from Exchange to Outlook 2.0 (Size: 3056 KB)Buy Export Contacts from Exchange to Outlook 2.0 (only $99.00)

Outlook Duplicate Emails 10.02.01

Duplicate data of Outlook mailbox increases PST file size and may result corruption of PST files. With Outlook Duplicate Emails remover, Outlook users can quickly remove duplicate mailbox data such as emails, attachments, contacts and tasks. It is equipped with different filter options to search and delete similar messages of Outlook account.

See also: outlook duplicate emails, remove duplicate emails, remove outlook duplicate emails, remove duplicate email, remove duplicate contacts, delete duplicate contacts, outlook duplicate emails remover

Download Outlook Duplicate Emails 10.02.01 (Size: 2969 KB)Buy Outlook Duplicate Emails 10.02.01 (only $29.00)

Import Excel Contacts to Outlook 3.0

Import Excel contacts to Outlook PST file in few minutes and remove all duplicacy form Excel. SysTools Excel to Outlook software is only one powerful tool in the market which can import Excel contacts to Outlook without any changing and damaging of any record.

See also: import excel contacts to outlook, import xls contacts outlook, import excel contacts in outlook, import excel contacts into outlook, how to import excel contacts to outlook, how to import excel contacts into outlook, import excel contacts outlook 2000

Download Import Excel Contacts to Outlook 3.0 (Size: 2426 KB)Buy Import Excel Contacts to Outlook 3.0 (only $69.00)

PST Converter Pro 2.0

Outlook PST conversion become easier with the help of excellent Outlook PST converter program. If user need to PST file in other email client and other formats so now this is great chance to convert Outlook contacts to VCF and Emails to EML and MSG formats. No other way remains to use PST data in other email client without Outlook PST conversion.

See also: pst converter pro, pst converter, outlook pst conversion, convert pst without outlook, convert pst to pdf, import pst into outlook 2010, convert outlook contacts to vcf, pst file converter, export outlook pst to eml

Download PST Converter Pro 2.0 (Size: 9216 KB)Buy PST Converter Pro 2.0 (only $49.00)

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