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DriveSentry GoAnywhere 1.0.1

Publisher: DriveSentry Inc
Filesize: 1509 KB
License: Shareware
Price: $5.00
Updated: 2009-04-28

DriveSentry GoAnywhere is the next generation of AntiVirus solution for your removable media which protects you from the very latest viruses, Trojans and malicious code. It works like a firewall for drives by only allowing 'good' programs to access your device.

Unlike traditional antivirus software which relies solely on a blacklist of known malware, DriveSentry uses a unique Tri-Security technology which includes a whitelist of trusted programs, a blacklist of known malware and a database of programs which have been trusted by the DriveSentry Advisor Community.

DriveSentry uses its Online Advisor database of whitelisted, blacklisted and community trusted programs, to automate read and write access decisions to your removable device. When access is attempted to your device, popup notifications are automated using the following methods:

- Known malware is blocked, encrypted, and deleted immediately.

- Whitelisted programs and those which have been trusted by the Advisor Community are automatically allowed access.

- Programs which are unknown to DriveSentry trigger a popup which requires your authorization before access will be granted to your device.

Using this unique combination of technology, DriveSentry GoAnywhere protects from the known and the unknown, providing comprehensive up to the second security for your personal data wherever you take it.

- Runs on all removable storage devices.
- Protects your data no matter where you take it.
- Uses Tri-Security technology to protect you from Zeroday threats.
- Only allows 'good' programs to access your device.
- Automatically blocks and deletes viruses, trojans, and malicious code.
- DriveSentry Advisor Community provides powerful realtime program advice.

You can never be sure that the system you are inserting your removable device into is free from malware. By running DriveSentry GoAnywhere you can be assured the data on your removable device is always protected.

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Download DriveSentry GoAnywhere 1.0.1 (Size: 1509 KB)

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